5 Ways Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista Should Reunite

5 Ways Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista Should Reunite


With Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista following each other on Instagram, here’s how we want the two to interact once again!

In the world of show business, reunions always touch the hearts of the audience. Broken friendships always make the town talk, but so do mended relationships. Of course, Kapuso queens Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera currently top our list. Why? Just a few hours ago, netizens spotted the two actresses following each other on Instagram. Fans have been raving over this good news, expressing their delight all over X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram. 

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Marian Rivera reunite interact friendship Heart GMA
Heart Evangelista Marian reunite interact friendship Heart GMA

Marian Rivera-Dantes and Heart Evangelista-Escudero serving looks at the GMA Gala 2023

With this relationship of the two taking over social media, MEGA Entertainment rounds up the ways we want the Temptation Island stars to cross paths once again. 

A fashion project

Over the years, the Dantes matriarch and the country’s fashion maven have built their respective careers in separate series, movies, and other projects. While Marian is currently shooting for her film, Rewind, Heart just wrapped her Fashion Week engagements. 

Marian Rivera reunite interact friendship fashion Heart GMA
Heart Evangelista reunite interact friendship fashion Marian GMA

Who can do a fashion series better than the two Kapuso ladies?

Now that they are showing signs of patching things up after their tumultuous past, is it finally time to unite them in one show or movie? Given their eye for Hermès bags and all things Dior, a project related to fashion will definitely fit their personal likings. Think Magkaribal (2010), but a modern adaptation! This will be a good comeback for both of them, considering that they halted their tapings and shootings for quite some time. 

An iconic TikTok

If there’s a place where they can definitely make a comeback announcement, it’s on this platform! How fun would it be to make a declaration of their mended friendship through the trending Kardashian sound? While we are manifesting for that day to happen, we can also hope that Heart joins Marian in a quick dance cover in the latter’s TikTok page.

@marianrivera ♥️ #MarianRivera ♬ original sound – Marian Rivera

A catch-up vlog

If the Rewind star is dominating TikTok with her fun transitions and all out dance covers, the artist-actress has her vlogs to keep her fans and supporters on the loop with her life’s happenings. What if they just both surprise us with a sudden drop? They can actually do a sit-down video where they could catch up about their wife lives, fashion evolution, and personal growth over the years. Knowing how they officially patched things up is something that they could talk about, too! 

Ending things on a positive note, this simple gesture between Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista gives up hope for more stars to reunite with their old friends and mend their ways. As artists like themselves grow older and wiser, who could be the next in line when it comes to friendship reunions?

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