5 Ways To Make Pink Makeup Look More Sultry Than Sweet

5 Ways To Make Pink Makeup Look More Sultry Than Sweet


Let me tell it to you straight: I’m not the biggest fan of pink makeup.
There were times in the past when I avoided a certain shade of blush or a lipstick simply because I felt the shade was too “pink” for me. For a long time, I shunned the hue out of my sight for fear of looking too girly. It turns out that I simply didn’t know how to apply the color on myself, as I learned it was more about the technique of application than the product itself.
To get an idea about what I’m talking about, scroll down for some inspiration on how to make pink look more sultry than sweet:

1. Claudia Barretto
Go all-out and intensify your look with a rosy red smokey eye, which will definitely turn heads. To balance this powerful hue out, keep the rest of your face toned down.

2. Lily Collins
Peachy-rose is typically seen as sweet, but when contrasted with winged liner and full lashes, we have an edgier version of the look.

3. Elisse Joson
Contrast a natural pink lip with touches of smokey brown: contour the sides of your face, apply more of that brown on your eyes, etc. The result is a look that is slightly more mature.

4. Janine Gutierrez

Dusty rose is notorious for its feminine effect, but when dusted all over the face and combined with some bronzer, the result is tanned and warm.

5. Kate Mara


For this look, the same deep rose shade is used on the eyes and the lips, while the cheeks are kept bare. While it is feminine to some degree, it is noticeably seductive as well.


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