5 Women Who Embody the New Vision of MEGA

5 Women Who Embody the New Vision of MEGA


Get to know why Shaira Luna, Kim Jones, Belle Mariano, Amina Aranaz, and Michelle Marquez Dee define MEGA success

How do you make it MEGA? After revolutionizing the industry for over 32 years, MEGA has continuously become a platform that uplifts and showcases all kinds of creative visionaries. This year, the Philippines’ Best Fashion Magazine continues its legacy of celebrating trailblazers who redefine success and create an enduring impact in their respective industries. The publication has chosen five of the country’s greatest visionaries of the generation, each expertly reshaping the notion of making it big.

From Shaira Luna’s mastery of world-class photography to Michelle Dee’s compelling impact on the international platform, the nation is abundant with individuals embodying this year’s mantra—to Make it Big, Make it MEGA.

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Shaira Luna, Renowned Photographer

Shaira Luna reimagines greatness with her lens and sustainability efforts

Shaira Luna takes a MEGA leap, transitioning from a renowned fashion photographer to a stalwart advocate of sustainability. Her bold journey speaks volumes, showcasing that true success stems from following one’s passions against the grain, symbolizing a shift toward conscious storytelling. 

Her embrace of sustainability through thrifting is a living expression, signaling a crucial shift in the creative landscape and inspiring others to consider eco-friendly practices. Luna’s blend of artistic excellence and a commitment to a sustainable vision sets a standard for the industry, promoting a conscious approach that resonates beyond aesthetics. 

Luna stands as a visionary icon in the world of media and publishing, capturing greatness with her lens to redefine visual storytelling. Her artistic mastery with each click of a shutter becomes the burst of bright light that guides us toward a new era. 

Kim Jones, Creative Visionary

Kim Jones envisions the extraordinary as she evolves into a multi-faceted woman: photographer, fashion expert, director, and writer

Kim Jones envisions the extraordinary as she drops everything to travel from Australia to Manila for a shot at a better life. Fueled by ambition, she sought more in Manila, elevating her status through features and charm. Her digital footprint, a fusion of modeling, photography, and writing, propelled her to new heights.

Now gracing the spaces of various luxury fashion houses, her journey extends to directing—a testament to the global impact of the digital age. She didn’t wait to be discovered; she actively searched and found her narrative, illustrating the power of personal agency and determination in the pursuit of success.

What makes her truly MEGA is her ability to influence and redefine visual capabilities, transforming them into avant-garde material that stands out above the typical. This audacious pursuit exemplifies her dedication to pushing creative boundaries. Jones, with her innovation and bold approach, becomes a symbol of excellence in the creative industry, a dynamic force that propels the industry forward. 

Belle Mariano, Outstanding Asian Star

Belle Mariano frames her future as she showcases the influence and strength she has with the next generation

Belle Mariano is defined by the curiosity of exploring the world, evolving into the charisma of an unconventional leading lady. With a stage presence that began at the age of 9, she not only shapes her future through a rich array of talents and accolades, but also cements her standing as one of the most sought-after young actors. Continually defying norms, the actress sets new standards in the industry, showcasing that age is no hindrance to making it big and making it MEGA.

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Mariano becomes a wellspring of inspiration for every aspiring dreamer. Fueled by her inquisitive and open disposition, she radiates a spirit of positivity and eagerness, actively engaging with the diverse occurrences around her. Her magic lies in her tenacity to forge a distinctive path, positioning her as a guiding light for all ages and underscoring the profound influence she wields over the next generation.

Amina Aranaz, Champion of Filipino Artisans

Amina Aranaz makes her mark by celebrating Filipino creativity

Amina Aranaz’s dedication to uplifting Filipino artisans and her fervent advocacy for socially conscious craftsmanship unequivocally place her at the forefront of the design world. As a trailblazer, she reshapes perceptions, turning her commitment into a transformative force within the industry.

Her fashion accessories line, ARANÁZ, reflects the brand’s history and its commitment to traditional Filipino crafts. It stands as a fusion of tradition and innovation, echoing in each thoughtfully crafted piece. As the co-founder and President of the SoFA Design Institute, Aranaz further cements her impact by aiming to cultivate passionate visionaries who will shape and lead the design world. Her influence extends beyond the runway into the educational sphere, where she nurtures creativity and instills a profound understanding of design principles.

She makes her mark by going above business aspirations, aligning with MEGA’s ethos of spotlighting and celebrating the expansive world of Filipino creativity. Aranaz emerges as a distinctive figure, reflecting the richness of Filipino ingenuity globally.

Michelle Marquez Dee, Game-Changing Queen

Michelle Dee continues to propel forward after competing in Miss Universe through her advocacies

Michelle Marquez Dee embodies an undeniable authenticity that defies conventions. She fearlessly demonstrates that embracing individuality isn’t a setback but a catalyst propelling her toward conquering the world. Her Miss Universe journey signifies not just individual achievement but also underscores a celebration of cultural heritage and a determination to shatter barriers. 

Beyond the glamour, Michelle channels her passion into meaningful advocacy, standing unwaveringly beside those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her commitment extends as a devoted supporter and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Michelle unfolds as a triumph, encapsulating the values of inclusivity, acceptance, and steadfast support for diverse communities, making her an exemplar of what it truly means to Make It MEGA.

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As we embark on this new chapter, celebrating 32 years of MEGA’s legacy, we witness the convergence of creative brilliance and groundbreaking stories. Each visionary, from Shaira Luna’s sustainable lens to Kim Jones’s avant-garde creativity, Belle Mariano’s age-defying success, Amina Aranaz’s championing of Filipino craftsmanship, to Michelle Marquez Dee’s fearless advocacy, contributes to the history of MEGA’s evolution. The resonance of their journeys becomes the success of the publication’s growth. It becomes a proclamation that goes beyond pages and pixels—an invitation to Make it Big, Make it MEGA resonating louder and brighter than ever before. 

Stay tuned for February 1, 2024, as MEGA unveils a future that is not just bigger but grander, capturing the spirit of reinvention and reimagining greatness.

Photography EXCEL PANLAQUE of KLIQ INC. (Shaira, Belle, Amina, and Michelle) and KIM JONES (Kim)
Creative Chief PATRICK TY
Creative Direction GAL VENTURA


Styling ROKO ARCEO (Shaira, Belle, and Amina), RYUJI SHIOMITSU assisted by SHAIRA ABRAHAM (Michelle), and KIM JONES (Kim)
(Amina), KIM JONES (Kim), JAKE GALVEZ (Belle), and DAVE QUIAMBAO (Michelle)
Hair ROVINN GARCIA (Amina), RJ DELA CRUZ (Belle), and NELLY SEBOY (Michelle)
Talent Coordinator REINA LUNA
AD & Promo Supervisor TYRA SANCHEZ 

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