5 Young Celebrities and Influencers Pulling Off Red Hair

5 Young Celebrities and Influencers Pulling Off Red Hair


From Alexa Ilacad’s recent red hair debut to Kyline Alcantara’s orange hair era, here is a list of young celebrities and influencers who recently went for a fiery hair look

One of the hottest hair trends that’s blowing up is switching up your hair color game to something bolder and even more striking—specifically shades of red or orange. So if you’re contemplating if you should hop on the trend, we listed down celebrities and influencers who are pulling off these colors stylishly. 

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Alexa Ilacad

She made her red hair debut just a few days into 2024, and it was a daring move for the actress since she usually plays it safe with her choice of natural hues for her mane. When it came styling, she opted to do a nostalgic side part finished with soft waves to balance out the bold red. 

Alexa Ilacad red hair
Photo: ALEXA ILACAD (via Instagram)

AC Bonifacio

Another redhead makes her way in the list, but this time around, the styling is done in a sleeker way in a tight slickback style, giving the red a modern and chic twist.

AC Bonifacio hair
Photo: AC BONIFACIO (via Instagram)

Kyline Alcantara

The actress definitely sparked a lot of noise when she made her orange hair debut when she was in Seoul last year. Kyline opted to do a bob cut with a middle part and soft waves to give her overall look some texture. 

Kyline Alcantara orange hair
Photo: KYLINE ALCANTARA (via Instagram)

Siobhan Maylon

The color range takes a darker turn with Siobhan’s red wine-hued locks. She kept it simple by opting to leave her hair in its natural state, giving off a stress-free vibe of a girl just out and about for a breezy errands day.

Siobhan Maylon hairstyle
Photo: SIOBHAN MAYLON (via Instagram)

Rei Germar

This particular finish takes us back to the days of ombre hairstyles back in 2015 and we won’t be surprised if it’s making its comeback this 2024. One way of doing this hair color technique can be done the way Rei dyed her red hair that made her black roots stay intact. 

Rei Germar hair
Photo: REI GERMAR (via Instagram)

Featured Image: ALEXA ILACAD (via Instagram)

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