6 Best Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Her Story and Tourism Videos

6 Best Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Her Story and Tourism Videos


As we draw closer to preliminaries and crowning our Miss Universe Philippines 2024, here’s a recap of the best Her Story and Tourism videos.

Pageant competitions have evolved from just being a show of beauty. Today, it’s a platform for diversity, intelligence, empowerment, and leadership. Before the crown and even after it, these are women who already and will continue to embody a great story to tell—whether it’s her own or the regional culture to which she represents

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Best Her Story

Stories are universal because they have the power to transcend gaps in language, culture, and age. What are you sharing with the people who know you—and those who don’t? What have you discovered, where have you been, where would you like to go? What is precious to your heart, what do you hold dear? What has tested your resolve and strengthened you? How have your experiences changed you?

The stories of these candidates are unique, genuine and real. Here are MEGA’s top picks for Her Story videos.

Stacey Daniella Gabriel, Cainta

In her video, Stacey chose to emphasize her grandmother’s kindness and dedication for the prison ministry she built in 2011. It is clear that the beauty queen’s heart is in her passion and goal to carry on her grandmother’s legacy of compassion and service for this ministry that houses seven hundred senior citizen inmates. “My grandmother taught me everything about living with open-heartedness with a mindset of abundance,” Stacey shares in her video. “If you live with closed fists, what you have now is all you’ll ever have. But if you live with open hands, ready to reach out to those around you, blessings will flow through you.”

Josephine Paaske, Talisay City

To Josephine, the value of family is priceless. Her family has shaped her, and her selflessness and admiration for her loved ones led her to provide for the needs of her father’s mental health struggles by becoming breadwinner and raising and selling livestock. This also drove her to use the Miss Universe Philippines as a platform to help and support those who suffer from mental health.

Anita Rose Gomez, Zambales

Growing up in poverty, Anita’s dedication to complete her education serves as a testament to her unwavering determination and perseverance. As an advocate for accessible and transformative education, she hopes to contribute positively to the world to create a future where opportunity and equality are the norm.

Best Tourism Videos

The Miss Universe Philippines is also a springboard for a showcase of our ancestral lands, beloved homes, natural wonders, and the cherished, rich, and boundless culture. The delegates take us to the diverse places they call home in utmost pride, and here are MEGA’s top picks.

Ahtisa Manalo, Quezon Province

Ahtisa takes the country on a breathtaking and vibrant journey of the fascinating parades and breathtaking natural treasures of Quezon Province. With no voice-over, Ahtisa is the picture of a local familiar with the place, and a tourist exploring the novelties of the land. It encapsulated Quezon Province’s culture, scenery, festivities, and stunning beauty.

Victoria Velasquez Vincent, Bacoor

With no dramatics, Victoria shows us a normal day of her life as a ‘bunso’ in Bacoor. It’s personal and intimate, yet easygoing and carefree. She also presents its history, heroic past, and heritage along the way. “I’ll always be armed with the power of my homeland,” she shares. 

Cyrille Payumo, Pampanga

Cyrille’s video puts into perspective what every Kapampangan loves about the province—the breathtaking scenery, the magnificent mountains, hot springs, the people, and the food. It’s not grand, magnificent, and imposing—her video tells us exactly what and how beautiful Pampanga is. “Every corner tells a story of tradition, flavor, and celebration,” Cyrille says as a closing note. 


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