6 Easy Steps On How To Wear The Light Academia Aesthetic

6 Easy Steps On How To Wear The Light Academia Aesthetic


Light academia is the new internet fashion trend on the rise.

You are what you wear, so to emulate a certain emotion or manifest a certain type of person you want to become, you have to look the part. Just like all trends, they move and were inspired by the times, with many modern ones percolating on social media platforms like Tiktok and Tumblr.

Distinct styles of fashion and self-expression known as “internet aesthetics” have become popular since the rise of Tiktok. They provide a visual representation of several niche internet subcultures—and as the internet is limitless, so are the opportunities for new aesthetics to arise.

First, there’s the E-girl, which takes inspiration from the ‘90s grunge and 2000s emo scenes. The dreamy cottagecore, which is an ode to the simple rural lifestyle and flowy outfits. When the pandemic halted schools and all the activities that came along with it, dark academia bubbled up—and it’s not what you would expect.

Dark Academia Aesthetic from Pinterest.

Dark academia, took off as a TikTok subculture last year when the global pandemic forced schools to pivot online. This academia lifestyle is romanticizes education or learning in general. This fashion aesthetic was inspired by ivy league-style clothing, like tailored trousers, blazers, and cozy cardigans.

Light Academia

Now that people all over the world are becoming more hopeful when it comes to having their pre-pandemic lives back with the roll of vaccines and decreasing COVID-19 cases, there’s a new internet aesthetic that’s becoming popular. The more positive version of dark academia, which is the light academia.

YouTuber Liz Ruth, says that light academia “does paint the picture of this more calm, softer energy, compared to dark academia, which is darker and more chaotic.” Although, both light and dark academia are both rooted in the joy of learning, the differences between their fashion choices boil down to color palette (beige versus black) and fabric (lightweight versus cozy).

Light academia has a very specific colour palette. This includes cream, brown, beige and white, usually in the form of blazers and sweater vests. Now, to emulate the positive vibe the light academia aesthetic has to offer, here are six steps to complete this look.


Light Academia blazers can be tweed, corduroy, plaid or plain as long as they’re on the lighter side of the palette.


Knit and crochet are popular in this kind of aesthetic.

Button down shirts/dress shirts

Since we’re living in a hot country, here’s an alternative to sweaters.


Cigarette pants, skirts or dress pants will do.

Oxford Shoes

One couldn’t be more “academia” with Oxford shoes.

The Bags

Since there are too many options, you can choose from these bags to complete your outfit: leather satchels, canvas bags or wicker bags.


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