7 Celebs Who Helped During Typhoon Odette And How You Can Too

7 Celebs Who Helped During Typhoon Odette And How You Can Too


These 7 celebs went out of their way to help out the victims of Typhoon Odette. This is how you can help too.

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On December 16, 2021, Typhoon Odette (international name: Rai) hit the Visayas-Mindanao area with great devastation. Roofs were flying off houses, trees fell left and right, water drained into the streets, and the victims of Typhoon Odette were left wandering around looking for the lost loved ones. As of December 21, 2021, 375 lives were lost according to the Philippine National Police. This includes the locals and tourists who opted to spend their holiday break in the vacation spots of Bohol, Siargao, Cebu, and others. Until now, there are still so many of them who are missing, because of the lack of communication and transportation available to go to these areas.

Despite these difficulties, volunteers have found a way to contact individuals from the affected VisMin areas to help them out. A few of these volunteers are well known celebrities in the entertainment industry. Find out who they are and what they did to help, so maybe it could spark action in you to help the victims of Typhoon Odette.

1-2. Angel Locsin and Kris Aquino
Both celebrities, Angel Locsin and Kris Aquino, are working together to help the victims of Typhoon Odette. Locsin was recently spotted arriving at the Leni Robredo-Kiko Pangilinan headquarters in Katipunan to assist in the relief drive.

3-4. Kryz Uy and Slater Young
Insta-famous couple, Kryz Uy and Slater Young, were living in Cebu during Typhoon Odette. They’ve both been very vocal on YouTube and Instagram about the devastation that hit their hometown. Young has also used his company factory as a temporary home for his employees.

5. Beatrice Luigi Gomez
Cebu native, Beatrice Luigi Gomez, was quick to respond to the devastations in her home province after her successful stint in Miss Universe. In cooperation with the Miss Universe Philippines organization, she started a relief initiative for the victims of Typhoon Odette.

6. Andi Eigenmann
Actress and resident Siargao island girl, Andi Eigenmann, took to social media to show the real horrors of Typhoon Odette. She used the opportunity to tell her followers what exactly do the islanders of Siargao need to build back their community.

7. Nadine Lustre
Actress and singer, Nadine Lustre, who was also living in Siargao for a time helped out during Typhoon Odette. She posted on her Instagram stories places where people could deposit cash to help out the victims of the typhoon. She also shared a place where people could send their dry goods and supplies.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to help out the victims of Typhoon Odette, here are a few ways you be an active force during these devastating times.

1. Call up your loved ones from the VisMin areas
As a nation, we all need to look out for one another. We’re sure you have friends or family members who are living in the affected VisMin areas. Call them up and see if they need any help.

2. Donate through online mobile payment systems
It’s really easy to donate cash with the help of online mobile payment systems. All you need to do is find out the contact details of the relief center, so you can donate whatever you can for the cause.

3. Support brands and restaurants who donate
Many brands have been actively supporting the victims of Typhoon Odette. One way you can help out is by dining in these bars and restaurants to help raise money for the cause. Sometimes they even have nights where all the income goes to the victims.

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