7 Easy Ideas to Style Your Favorite Vest Like Gabbi Garcia

7 Easy Ideas to Style Your Favorite Vest Like Gabbi Garcia


Vests are a staple in Gabbi’s wardrobe, and here are all the different ways she wore the versatile piece out and about

From her trips to her work, Gabbi Garcia is always ready to strut her style anytime and anywhere. Although her outfits are generally in the polished department, she does some mixing and matching to still keep her identity through her looks. 

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gabbi garcia vest trend versatile ways tweed

One approach that she does to maintain but also innovate her clothing creativity is by choosing one piece in various silhouettes. For the actress, it’s the vest. Now a staple in her wardrobe, she has them in different iterations for that new yet also consistent feel. If you want to cop one for your own closet, take Gabbi’s advice on how she wore the vest in her fashion equations.

A little role reversal 

Reversible vests are not new to us, but there’s a new way of donning one these days. Gabbi’s Fendi waistcoat is actually two vests stitched in one, giving you that back part in full effect. With the sides unbuttoned, they can even serve as flapping sleeves. This will surely make you a head-turner and have people figure out how you’re possibly wearing your vest. 

gabbi garcia waistcoat trend versatile ways fendi

Some contrast cool

If monochrome dressing is your thing, adding a little contrast won’t hurt. For the singer-actress, it’s a black vest over her all-white base. Her ensemble definitely blends in well with her MoMA moment, with this style also present in New York-centric shows such as Gossip Girl and Sex and the City

gabbi garcia waistcoat trend versatile ways

Pretty and preppy

The V-Neck vest functions as either an outerwear or a top of its own, but Gabbi opted for the former. In one of her television guestings, the green vest ultimately stood out against her white button-down and skirt. The preppy core, indeed, is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. 

gabbi garcia vest trend versatile ways sporty & rich green

Double no trouble

With the different silhouettes of the vest, it’s no surprise that we can layer them up together. This time around, the Kapuso star conquered the streets of Taiwan in a double tier vest, coming in two colors and fabrics. 

gabbi garcia vest trend versatile ways fendi

Texture touch

For a more cohesive look yet still with a little edge, mixing different fabrics in similar shades together is the way to go. A crochet vest just like Gabbi’s is an easy option to top off your basic outfit. 

knitted waistcoat

For the full effect

Vests are no longer just tops, but dresses, too. Keep one in your capsule wardrobe because this can be an attire for your casual days, work agenda, and even in formal events. 

dress waistcoat

Photos: GABBI GARCIA (via Instagram)

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