7 Filipino LGBTQ+ Fitfluencers Who Will Inspire You to Keep Moving

7 Filipino LGBTQ+ Fitfluencers Who Will Inspire You to Keep Moving


This Pride Month, find the inspiration to keep moving with help from these seven Filipinos who bring more LGBTQ+ inclusion to the sports, fitness, and wellness landscapes online and in the field

With Pride Month well underway, focus on bringing positive encouragement on your feeds by following some out and proud Filipinos who’ll help you reach your best self. To get the conversation going, we’ve listed the seven athletes, fitness enthusiasts, wellness advocates, and influencers we think can inspire you to keep moving forward. Even if you’re not a part of the LGBTQ+ community yourself, their content is still sure to help and inspire you, as well as educate you on queer inclusion.

Michelle Dee

Michelle Dee fitness influencer
Photo: MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

Beyond having the traits befitting a Miss Universe Philippines, Michelle Dee is also a known fitness enthusiast that enjoys a good workout and outdoor sport as much as anyone else.

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Karl Bautista

Karl Bautista fitness influencer
Photo: KARL BAUTISTA (via Instagram)

An architect, artist, and accomplished athlete, 2023 Spartan Ambassador Karl Bautista also aims to inspire others of all genders and backgrounds to play sports by reaching his goals and spotlighting diversity.

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Bretman Rock


Sometimes you just gotta put on a skirt and lift heavy stuff off the ground

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A global internet icon, Bretman Rock is at the forefront of pride and nonbinary inclusion for Filipinos. Part of what makes him so iconic is that he confidently dresses in genderless fashion, all while lifting heavy weights and performing his wellness rituals.

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Nikki Torres

Nikki Torres fitness influencer
Photo: NIKKI TORRES (via Instagram)

Nikki Torres is an adidas Runners Manila Captain, yoga teacher, and holistic wellness coach. She also headed adidas’ Purpose Project, Limitless, last year.

Margielyn Arda Didal

Margielyn Arda Didal fitness influencer
Photo: MARGIELYN ARDA DIDAL (via Instagram)

Professional street skateboarder Margielyn Arda Didal continues to make waves nationally and internationally, even getting recognized on TIME’s 25 Most Influential Teens of 2018 list for her impressive athletic feats.

Rica Salomon

Rica Salomon fitness influencer
Photo: RICA SALOMON (via Instagram)

Rica Salomon is a TikTok content creator, founder, and COO of Kayu Beauty. She also enjoys an active lifestyle, from playing volleyball to going to the gym.

Klea Pineda

Klea Pineda fitness influencer
Photo: KLEA PINEDA (via Instagram)

You’ll find only wholesome content on actress Klea Pineda’s Instagram page, with dedicated posts to her family, girlfriend, and interests. She’s also a certified thrill seeker and motorcycle enthusiast.

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