7 Friendship Anthems To Fit In Your New 7 Rings Playlist

7 Friendship Anthems To Fit In Your New 7 Rings Playlist


After the release of Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings, we just can’t help but feel the need for more friendship anthems out there.

Ariana Grande’s new friendship anthem 7 Rings surely gave us the right vibe to hang out with our best friends tonight. To keep the party going, we carefully chose 7 songs to add to your playlist. From the flaunting to the dancing, these songs are the perfect friendship anthems to save your night—as if you’ve never had your heart broken.

Joan of Arc by Little Mix

Little Mix has been serving us feminist themes and Joan of Arc is just one of their new girl power songs. “I put my own rock on my hand,” the group sings as they flaunt their effortless beauty and riches.

Girl by Destiny’s Child

Girls supporting girls—that’s what Destiny’s Child has been all about. These ladies are here to tell us that we are not alone and it’s just us who’ll be here for each other at the end of the day.

Pose by Rihanna

Rihanna always knew how to flex what she has and bring her girls with her to celebrate it with. Pose is just one of the songs that fully capture the right attitude to beat a new chapter ahead of you.

That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony

Meant for the hardworking women, Fifth Harmony’s That’s My Girl is telling that “good girls better get bad” for all the struggles yet to come. Knowing your worth and getting up after a great fall, these girls know exactly all the words to sing to us.

Make That Money Girl by Zara Larsson

“Get up on the throne, Queen,” Zara Larsson sings in this track. “That’s where you belong.” And we couldn’t agree more. More than just flexing, the song is an enabling track that will get you to put your chin up and climb up the throne you very well deserve.

Throw A Fit by Tinashe

The minimal beats of this track and Tinashe’s raw verses will get you and the girls nodding. An almost parallel of Ari’s new single, this song is about getting what you want—stat.

Friends by The Carters

This track alone will make you want to be a friend of The Carters (Beyoncé and Jay-Z). “My friends are goals,” Beyoncé sings in the track. They’re all about loyalty and pushing their friends to be greater and do greater things with them.

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