7 Heartwarmingly Fun Series To Binge On Long Weekends

7 Heartwarmingly Fun Series To Binge On Long Weekends


Witness life, love, and everything in between.

There’s a bunch of series out there but not everything oozes positivity. Some simply stress us out and long weekends are all about rest and relaxation. So we gathered all our favorite series that are not only fun but also unexpectedly heartwarming.

Sit back and relax as you binge these series that will spark all the positivity in you.

The Good Place

An error sends Eleanor Shellstrop to a place she definitely doesn’t belong to. This series explores the good and the band—and the “medium”—in humanity in ways unexpected. Watch it here.


A gay man with cerebral palsy explores what’s beyond his comfort zone as he begins his journey living a life doing what he wants. This series will make you see all the good things you’re probably missing in life. Watch it here.

This Is Us

From all the heartwarming moments to tragic incidents, there simply isn’t anything better than going through all of it than with your blood and flesh. This Is Us shows the makings of an unconventional family in unconventional storytelling. Watch it here.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Do you ever wonder how it would feel like to survive an apocalypse? To Kimmy, life goes on and you simply have to roll with it. After being saved from an underground (literally) cult, she’s out to conquer life before it conquers her. Watch it here.

The Good Doctor

Based on the Korean drama of the same name, this series focuses on the life of a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome—using what others may find as a disability to save lives.

Grace and Frankie

After their husbands leave them for each other, Grance and Frankie share an unforgettable bond as they move on from the revelation that has shaken their lives. Watch it here.

Jane The Virgin

As if taken straight out if a telenovela, Jane has probably gone through all the tropes anyone could think of. After an accidental artificial insemination, Jane, a virgin, gets pregnant of someone-who-isn’t-her-boyfriend’s child. Decisions, decisions—now she’s stuck in between. Watch it here.


Every person goes through a self-discovery stage. It came to Sam, a child with autism, in high school as he decides to put himself out there. Now his family is the one getting crazed by all the changes in Sam but will they survive it with him? Watch it here.

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