7 Kapamilya Stars That Kyline Alcantara Should Work With 

7 Kapamilya Stars That Kyline Alcantara Should Work With 


Kyline Alcantara is ready for more challenging roles with her honed talent, and here are seven actors and actresses who will definitely be a good match for the actress’ new era

Dubbed as this generation’s “La Nueva Kontrabida,” Kyline Alcantara has won the hearts of her audience and supporters for her acting prowess as an antagonist you would love to hate. Since her Arlene days from Annaliza to her recent role as AB in Luv Is: Love At First Read, she has showcased her versatility to play roles beyond the opposite of the main character. 

Kyline solo era actress Kapuso star
Kyline is ready to face her new era; Photo: KYLINE ALCANTARA (via Instagram)

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This coming year, the actress is readier than ever to spread her wings, take flight, and discover new opportunities. One way that she will definitely learn and grow is by working with fellow actors and actresses who have exhibited their acting skills over the years. With the barriers of networks breaking down, Kyline can be the next GMA star to represent her network for another collaboration with ABS-CBN. With that, here are some of the  Kapamilya names who we want Kyline to star in a project with. 

Belle Mariano

First on the list is someone close to Kyline’s heart. Over the years, she and Belle have built a steady friendship behind the glitz and glamor of show business. Both dreamers at heart, they have been slowly fulfilling their individual goals with one cheering for the other’s success. Sharing a screen together will be a new way to bond for the two, and perhaps a revival of the series such as Ina, Kapatid, Anak will highlight their skills individually and together.

Jeremiah Lisbo

A pairing that would definitely bring some refreshing chemistry on screen, Jeremiah and Kyline will nail that “opposites attract” energy that their characters could have. In the pool of solidified tandems, we need unexpected love teams to give us something new from time to time. If the actor has worked with Gabbi Garcia for Unbreak My Heart, who says he can’t join another Kapamilya and Kapuso crossover for the second time around?

Kyline Alcantara dream project collab working together Jeremiah Lisbo
Jeremiah indeed deserves more roles, one of which to star opposite Kyline; Photo: JEREMIAH LISBO (via Instagram)

Angelica Panganiban

From her role as Ruby to her modern take on Madam Claudia Buenavista, the veteran actress is considered as one of the top notch stars who can play the duality of bida and kontrabida roles. Don’t let their angelic faces fool you. They can spew lines and show rage and bitterness on screen like no other. Aside from this similarity, we know that both actresses love the experience of an adventure. For a future project, why not they star in a thriller psychological film together? 

Kyline Alcantara dream project collab working together Angelica Panganiban
Angelica can channel both good and bad sides on screen, just like the Kapuso star; Photo: JOSHEN VAHH LEE (via Instagram)

JK Labajo

If there’s a perfect time for Kyline and JK to reunite, that would be now. Coming from their Pangako Sa’yo days, the two have been honing their skills beyond acting over the years. For their comeback together, a musical drama would be an interesting concept that they could join forces for. 

Xyriel Manabat

As child stars, Xyriel and Kyline have learned the art of emotional restraint in their acting. They know how to go all in and show loud emotion, but they can also intimidate you with just one side eye. Their shared experience of throwing powerful lines is a potential confrontational scene brewing between the two should they work together. While a drama is the most promising road take for them, a punch of comedy would not hurt either.

Kyline Alcantara dream project collab working together Xyriel Manabat
Xyriel and Kyline’s joint fierceness will be a sure delight to watch; Photo: XYRIEL MANABAT (via Instagram)

Elijah Canlas

Going further into the mainstream realm of the industry, Elijah is another actor that can match Kyline in showing a wide range of emotions and controlling them. If they would be given the chance to work together, historical romance could definitely challenge them and make their heart and soul love their passion even more. 

Kyline Alcantara dream project collab working together Elijah Canlas
The actor is a match for the actress when it comes to their talent; Photo: ELIJAH CANLAS (via Instagram)

Kathryn Bernardo

Last and definitely not least, the Asia’s Superstar is the final Kapamilya star the actress should work with. From their humble child star beginnings to establishing their names, they both know the grit that comes in making it in the industry. If they finally cross paths on screen, it will be a head to head acting exchange between the two.

Kyline Alcantara dream project collab working together Kathryn Bernardo
Kathryn and Kyline are both in their solo era, but they definitely can work together; Photo: JOHN VALLE (via Instagram)


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