7 Local Clothing Brands to Cop From For Your Streetwear Needs

7 Local Clothing Brands to Cop From For Your Streetwear Needs


Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? Here is a list of fine local clothing brands to help you score your next stylish collection

The local garment market can feel like a thrilling urban adventure in today’s fast-paced, competitive fashion industry, where streetwear has swept the world by storm. To ease your mind, we’ve compiled this list of some up-and-coming local clothing brands from which you may score your next wardrobe addition. With an array of graphic tees that boldly exhibit thought-provoking designs and meticulously crafted accessories that flawlessly fuse craftsmanship and innovation, these brands will have any gentleman out there straight-up captivated.

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Dominic Vincent Yu, co-founder and head of logistics for Skoop, revealed that the failure of their first clothing line was the reason why Skoop was created. Yu shared that their brand’s ongoing objective, six years after its start, is to constantly improve the Philippine clothing industry. Although most people think of them as a streetwear brand, he mentioned that they prefer to label themselves as a lifestyle brand. Additionally, he proudly discussed that each item in their collections has a special backstory. 

Dominic explained that they make a conscious effort to provide meaning and purpose to each collection, ranging from their Wabi-Sabi collection, which teaches that it is always best to accept things in life that naturally happen, to their Retail Therapy collection, which teaches to embrace our emotions. Dominic also disclosed that the Nero & Onyx Collection, an exciting project in the works, will be released soon.

Photos: SKOOP (via Instagram)


Having a clothing line has always been Jacob’s lifelong ambition because of his early exposure to the apparel scene. The pandemic unexpectedly gave them the time and chance to make this dream come true. They founded RICHBOYZ in 2021 with the goal of differentiating themselves from the crowded field of the clothing industry.

In January 2022, they released their first collection with no expectations. They said the support they got was beyond anything they could have imagined. RICHBOYZ is a brand that prioritizes quality, ease, and style. Everything else, including patterns, designs, prints, graphics, and production, is done in-house, guaranteeing a high level of technical proficiency and consistency in product quality. RICHBOYZ also confirmed a slew of forthcoming projects, and they are eager for their followers to see the new facets of their brand as they diversify their collections this year.

Photos: RICHBOYZ (via Instagram)

Charlotte Folk 

In 2018, Charlotte Folk opened its doors as a clothing retailer selling items from Bangkok. Today, the brand’s signature style is defined by meticulously crafted garments alongside the practicality of versatile staples that effortlessly complement every individual’s wardrobe. While there are no permanent retail locations for the company just yet, they have announced that they are looking into launching “pop-up” shops in the near future.

The brand also expressed their appreciation for the overwhelming response they received from their Logo Tees collection. They shared that this encouragement pushes them to seek out new approaches to create works that are more exciting and refined.

Photos: CHARLOTTE FOLK (via Instagram)


Launched in August of 2020, Syndrome has its roots in a sneaker shop/sneaker cleaning shop named Sneaker Syndrome, which opened in Pampanga in 2018. When the brothers Anton and Inigo Cruz launched Sneaker Syndrome, they were just 17 and 14 years old, respectively.

Today, Syndrome is recognized for its designs that include the best core memories, be it a childhood birthday, a casual get-together with friends, or a memorable vacation. For instance, they created a racing collection specifically for their trip to the SG F1 Grand Prix. The brand has also shared that they have a number of upcoming releases and key collaborations.

Photos: SYNDROME (via Instagram)

Nobody Clothing

Nobody Clothing began producing t-shirts in 2016 and once operated a store in Cubao, but was forced to close it last year. Despite this, the brand was still able to operate thanks to the availability of the online platform. 

Nobody Clothing said that they are attempting to shift from their more aggressive and intense brand in 2016 to a more soft, calm, deliberate, and caring brand through their occasional use of humor and botanical imagery, as well as the experimental print techniques they use on their collections.

Photos: NOBODY CLOTHING (via Instagram)

Blanc Nue

Blanc Nue launched in 2020 and boasts an interesting history. It all started when the brand’s founder wanted to buy a quality mini bag at a reasonable price on the internet but was unable to do so. Since then, the label has been able to roll out several impressive collections. Blanc Nue’s signature aesthetic is minimalistic while maintaining an edge. The brand has also promised some interesting new releases; therefore, it will not be a surprise if they soon expand beyond the major e-commerce sites where it is currently sold.

Photos: BLANC NUE (via Instagram)


In June 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Homeland was launched as an independent local brand. They shared early on that they hoped their brand would promote global peace and happiness among the streetwear community. To achieve this objective, they unveiled a series of shirt releases and designs that quickly became fan favorites. According to Homeland, they used this chance to make merchandise that is not just on trend but also meaningful.

Homeland always chooses designs for their collections that draw inspiration from nature and end with our distinctive “smile” emoji. They also like to share their creative thoughts through motivational quotes and statements that convey the core message of each product. In addition, they’ve come up with items that are decked out in visually appealing earth tones and varied color schemes, all while achieving the company’s overarching mission of fostering global improvement. Proudly, Homeland announced that in the approaching ber months, they will be releasing yet another set of new tees, sweatshirts, and tote bags.

Photos: HOMELAND (via Instagram)

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