7 Local Designers Heart Evangelista Swears By

7 Local Designers Heart Evangelista Swears By


International trendsetter, Heart Evangelista, wears filipino designers proudly. Check out the 7 local designers we spotted in her closet.

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As a true fashionista, Heart Evangelista lives and breathes designer clothing. She can dress up or down for what the moment asks for and she delivers. You can spot her wearing Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, Maison Alaïa, Dior, and more on the daily. She spices up her wardrobe by pairing these international brands with our homegrown ones. There are so many Filipino brands that Heart has helped out through the years by discovering and endorsing them to her followers. She even made her own online shop to give these local brands a platform. More than just the new brands and she supports, she also gives recognition to Filipino designers by wearing their pieces to fashion weeks all over the world. We’ve taken note of her 7 favorite local designers that she has worn in a lot of her events.

Mark Bumgarner
Not only is Heart a loyalist to Mark Bumgarner’s brand, but she is also a close friend to the designer. They have worked on numerous outfits together that she has worn to red carpet events, fashion week, and more.

Jaggy Glarino
We’ve seen Heart wear pieces from Jaggy Glarino for both high fashion events and for casual OOTDs. She would wear his creations to Paris Fashion Week, endorsement shoots, and even for slow weekday coffee runs.

Cheetah Rivera
Heart loves a Cheetah Rivera number. She has worn her designs for several magazine covers, fashion week, and red carpet events. Usually, Heart would wear a custom outfit made by the designer just for her.

Jaz Cerezo
Want to wear a fun playsuit or maybe even an evening gown? Jaz Cerezo has got you covered. The Filipino designer provides Heart with all types of looks from her atelier. Heart is able to dress it up or down effortlessly.

Yong Davalos

Heart has worn many pieces from her line and continues to do so for her many events, shoots, and content photoshoots. You can see the ultra feminine pieces perfectly match Heart’s style aesthetic. From the cutouts to the frills, you can never go wrong with Yong Studio.

Neric Beltran
Heart has an undeniable dynamic with Neric Beltran. They’ve worked on multiple looks together that are both sustainable and fashionable. Once, they even reworked Heart’s old Kamiseta collection into new garments. Talk about an eco-friendly pairing!

Chris Nick
This designer is known for his chic designs for the modern woman, as well as his equally fabulous muses. One of them being style superstar, Heart Evangelista. Chris has dressed Heart for multiple occasions and has been seen partying with the multi-hyphenate as well.

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