7 Power Female Celebrities With Husbands as Their Number One Fan

7 Power Female Celebrities With Husbands as Their Number One Fan


Get yourself a partner who doesn’t clip your wings when it comes to pursuing your dreams, just like these female celebrities with supportive husbands.

Marriage, as it should always be, is a relationship where women can feel more empowered and valued whether in their own homes, their workplaces, or both. One of the ways that can happen is by having a support system that cares for your dreams, needs, and wants, as much as they care for their own. And in the realm of entertainment, here are female celebrities whose husbands claim the “Number One Fan” title in their wives’ lives.

supportive wife wives husbands husband Anne Curtis Erwan Heussaff
Anne and Erwan have remained supportive of their own goals and dreams

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Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey

As individuals, both the Miss Universe 2015 and the Beautiful Destinations CEO understand the hustle and grind for dreams to turn into reality. After her pageant days, Pia Wurtzbach has penetrated into the world of fashion, as her attendance to the Fashion Week seasons in New York, Milan, and Paris proves. In a noisy world where every praise can be drowned by criticism, Jeremy Jauncey has penned a heartfelt message for his wife and her breakthrough into European Fashion Week. 

supportive wife wives husbands husband Pia Wurtzbach Jeremy Jauncey
With Jeremy cheering Pia on, she continues to thrive in her career

“I’ve been with you as you worked every angle, took every meeting, trusted many who promised so much and delivered so little. [Setback after setback] on a journey that only we knew about,” he wrote on Instagram, posting a solo smiling photo of Pia. “So whilst social media only shows the glitz & the glamour, never forget that every story starts somewhere… and I know how far away this story started for you. I’m so proud of you.”

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico

Even as he showed his adoration through silly pranks and comical statements, Nico Bolzico’s love for Solenn Heussaff has always been serious business. But when he saw his wife’s commitment to putting their daughter first during their pregnancy, that served as a core memory for him. 

In a 2020 interview with a radio station, the proud member of the “Bullied Husbands Club” said, “Despite being there [to] support [her during the pregnancy,] there’s no match. It made me see Solenn in a completely different way. Even if I was in love with her way before the pregnancy, it was like, ‘Okay, this is a whole level that we’ve unlocked now in our relationship that I never expected.'” With their two children as of writing, Nico has only been more willing to show Solenn her much-deserved love and appreciation—and yes, in the form of funny videos, still. 

Megan Young and Mikael Daez

Mikael Daez’s motto in supporting Megan Young’s fangirling mode? If you can’t beat them, join them! The Miss World 2013 has been very vocal about her love for K-Pop, particularly BTS, and it seems like her husband has joined the craze as well. “She supports me in all my computer building endeavors, so I’m happily supporting Army vibes,” Daez wrote in his Instagram post. In May 2023, the couple finally watched their first BTS concert, the Agust D D-Day tour in Jakarta. It was a win-win for the two, with Megan’s Army heart and Mikael whose bias is no other than Suga himself. 

Maja Salvador and Rambo Nuñez

Before their second chance to forever, did you know that Maja Salvado and Rambo Nuñez once dated during their early 20’s? In her Magandang Buhay interview, the actress shared that she had to prioritize her career over their relationship. “Kung nine years ago, nasacrifice ko ‘yung love namin, but this time, sabi ko, buti nandito na ako sa kayang kong i-balance. Aside sa love na binibigay niya, I’m grateful sa love na binibigay ng family niya.”

supportive wife wives husbands husband Maja Salvador Rambo Nuñez
During their pregnancy, Maja and Rambo are balancing their time as professionals and parents

Even in her journey to motherhood, Maja remains unstoppable with the release of her new single, performance in ASAP, and her uploads on her YouTube channel. Knowing what it’s like to be a hard worker himself, Rambo continues to respect the career choices of his girl boss wife in all ways that he can. 

Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo

From her career as an actress to her path as a chef and restaurateur, Judy Ann Santon always had Ryan Agoncillo on her side to support her on and off screen roles. From expressing his love through photo essays on Instagram, the actress’ other half would also help in shooting her content for her vlog series currently on hiatus, Judy Ann’s Kitchen. While the Angrydobo main chef was busy fulfilling orders, Ryan would go on lives to sell their products. Truly, in marriage, it takes two to tango. 

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli

As a boyfriend and now a husband, Matteo Guidicelli always has Sarah Geronimo’s back in all of her choices. From words of affirmations to acts of service and quality time, the actor would express his love for the Billboard Global Force awardee by attending events and shoots with her, mentioning her in interviews, performing alongside her on stage, and even co-produce her shows together. 

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff

Both in the realms of media, Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff still trudged on different paths as an actress and a content creator, respectively. Her husband has always been supportive of Anne’s career by letting her take charge of her roles. How does Erwan take this to the next level? By showing his love for Anne in the place where he can best express it—at the kitchen. From the pancit with lots of cheese to the menudo with capsicum, that’s how Erwan meets Anne’s comical self and her creativity halfway. 


Pancit Canton with Cheese?

♬ original sound – Erwan Heussaff

Featured Image: RAYMOND SANTIAGO and PIA WURTZBACH (via Instagram)

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