8 Of Our Favorite Moments From Jonas Brothers’ Sucker Music Video

8 Of Our Favorite Moments From Jonas Brothers’ Sucker Music Video


Jonas Brothers finally reunites with Sucker but it’s not just the song we’re suckers for.

We’ve waited years for this—6 to be exact. Finally, the boys have reunited for a new song. While the song is catchy and is a definite earbug, it’s not hard to adore the music video as well, especially if their muses are in it. Serenading Sophie Turner, Danielle Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra, the boys are back and we’re loving every minute of it—explains why it’s still trending days after its release. Here are our favorite moments from Jonas Brothers’ Sucker music video:

The J Sisters

All dressed up in couture, the J Sisters (Sophie Turner, Danielle Jonas, and Priyanka Chopra) crashes the Jonas Brothers music video the best way possible—en vogue, and in control. Not only are they serving looks but giving us real girl power vibes in both subtle and explicit manners (say, Sophie, rolling her eyes at the boys to tying up Joe in his underwear). Nonetheless, the three are in control of the boys in more ways than one.

Dogs And Bunnies

J Sisters
We just have to mention all these adorable animals at the Jonas Manor. While we’re loving every bit of what we see in the mansion, these furry friends of ours stole the show in a split second. Walking the dogs in couture? Not a problem for Danielle, apparently.

Lady of The House

Sophie turner
The J Sisters just keep on proving they indeed are the ladies of the house. Not only do they have total control of Joe, Nick, and Kevin, they also slay household chores in fashion. Priyanka mowing the lawn, Sophie trimming the bush, Danielle walking the dogs—we all wish we can do these chores in haute couture like the J Sisters.

The PDA We Never Thought We Needed

We just need to talk about all the heat Nick and Priyanka brought in the music video. The two are obviously still in the honeymoon phase and the second round happens at the music video itself. All the public displays of affection did no harm, of course. If anything, we would want more of this in future music videos, please?

The Banquets

The oddly thrilling music video can’t be anything but fun for the most part. We don’t only get one, but two banquet scenes and both are just as iconic as the other. The intimate tea party of Jonas Brothers and J Sisters was all fun games, especially with Sophie devouring those cupcakes instantly. Danielle can also be seen chasing Nick around who-knows-what and everyone’s rooting for the lady of course. The second one included friends in what appears to be the craziest, most animated dinner ever. How the night ended is all up to our imaginations now.

Outdoor Bathing

If you think you’ve seen crazy then you haven’t seen the Jonases taking a bath outside, spread around a fountain. They all seem to be enjoying the sun and drinks served by butlers, as they take a dip in each of their tubs. Cocktails and lollipop included, this is something the crazy rich (or royalties) should definitely do.

Stripping Priyanka Down

priyanka chopra
It seems as if the bathtub scene was not enough to reveal a bit of Priyanka. Near the end of the music video, we catch her tossing aside her sheer fur overcoat and stripping down from her dress only to enter a room where Nick Jonas has been waiting for her. It was a golden moment for Priyanka, quite literally and figuratively.
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The Portrait

At the end of all the crazy happenings inside the mansion, we find the three couples posing for a portrait. Through it all, what we all want to see now is the outcome of this portrait.
Check out Jonas Brothers’ Sucker music video below:

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