8 Restaurants For Your Food Connoisseur Dad This Father’s Day

8 Restaurants For Your Food Connoisseur Dad This Father’s Day


Treat your dad to an extraordinary dining experience at one of these top-tier restaurants, each offering a unique taste of the world’s finest cuisines

Father’s Day is the perfect time to treat your dad to an extraordinary culinary adventure. Forget the usual brunch spots and take him on a gourmet journey across the globe—in cuisine form, at that—with these top-tier restaurants. Each one offers a unique dining experience that will make this Father’s Day unforgettable. Buckle up for a gastronomic tour de force that he’ll be raving about all year.

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Antonio’s at PGA Cars (European Cuisine)

Inside PGA Cars, Antonio’s is a catch that marries the refinement of high-end automobiles with exquisite European cuisine. Imagine savoring a beautifully plated meal surrounded by luxury cars. It’s an unexpected delight by Chef Antonio “Tony Boy” Escalante, where sophistication and culinary artistry collide, making it the perfect spot for a Father’s Day celebration that’s driven above the rest.

LUSSO by Margarita Fores (French-Italian Cuisine)

LUSSO at G/F The Balmori Suites, Rockwell Center

LUSSO by Margarita Forés redefines the concept of leisurely dining with its creative, indulgent, and meticulously framed comfort food. This restaurant promises an elevated dining experience, perfect for dads who appreciate the finer things in life.

Helm (Global Cuisine)

Father's Day Restaurants Around the World Flavor Food Helm
Helm at 3F the shops at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati

At Helm, the menu is a secret until you arrive—but rest assured, it’s worth the suspense. Chef Josh Boutwood brings his life experiences and extensive culinary training to the table, crafting inventive dishes with flavors from around the globe. It’s an adventurous dining experience that’s as unpredictable as it is delicious, ideal for the dad who loves surprises and culinary creativity.

China Blue (Chinese Cuisine)

Father's Day Restaurants Around the World Flavor Food China Blue
China Blue at Conrad Manila, Pasay

You won’t stay blue for long at China Blue. This restaurant by celebrity chef Jereme Leung offers an upscale dining experience with elevated Chinese cuisine. The dishes here are as stunning visually as they are flavorful, providing a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Treat your dad to a meal that’s as grand as he is.

Metiz (Filipino Cuisine)

Father's Day Restaurants Around the World Flavor Food Metiz
Metiz at Ground floor, building A, Karrivin Plaza, Makati

Modern Filipino dining corners new areas at Metiz, helmed by Filipino-French chef Stephan Duhesme. Serving a 5-course prix-fixe menu that emphasizes local ingredients and vinegar-based flavors, this restaurant is a celebration of fermented foods and inventive Filipino dishes. It’s a must-visit for fathers who appreciate innovative twists on traditional flavors.

Caviar (French Cuisine)

Father's Day Restaurants Around the World Flavor Food Caviar
Caviar at Westgate Alabang

Caviar in Alabang is a sanctuary of French culinary distinction. The restaurant’s serene, intimate setting is the perfect escape from the loudness of daily life—worth the travel to the south. Here, you can relax with a glass of fine wine and indulge in some of the best food around, all while soaking up an atmosphere of cultural refinement and social elegance. It’s the ultimate spot for a sophisticated Father’s Day meal.

Modan (Japanese Cuisine)

Father's Day Restaurants Around the World Flavor Food Modan
Modan at Unit 5, Level 1 Escalades East Tower, 20th Ave, Cubao

Modan in Cubao offers a fresh take on Japanese dining, thanks to Chef Jorge Mendez’s skillful combination of local and imported ingredients. The current “Global: Asian Leg Degustation” menu is inspired by the countries Chef Jorge visited during his culinary journey, making every bite a testament to his dedication to the craft. It’s an intimate, immersive experience that’s perfect for the dad who loves Japanese cuisine.

Hapag (Filipino Cuisine)

Father's Day Restaurants Around the World Flavor Food Hapag
Hapag at 7F The Balmori Suites, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center

Hapag Private Dining is renowned for its 8-course tasting menu, featuring unique and contemporary Filipino dishes. Unlike other tasting menus, Hapag offers a variety of entrée options to choose from, ensuring a personalized dining experience. It’s an excellent choice for fathers who enjoy exploring diverse flavors within a sophisticated setting.

There you have it—eight luxurious dining destinations that promise an unforgettable Father’s Day. This year, elevate the celebration and take Dad on a culinary journey he’ll never forget. Each restaurant offers a unique taste of the world, ensuring a memorable and delicious adventure fit for the king he truly is.

Featured Image: HAPAG (via Instagram)

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