9 DragCon Moments That Stirred Up Joy

9 DragCon Moments That Stirred Up Joy


DragCon has been bringing people together to revel in the joy of drag since 2015. This year, Filipino drag commanded attention and dazzled everyone.

It was nearing midnight on this side of the planet, and I was already snuggled in the comfort of the night’s cradle when my phone started alerting me of our Pinoy queens going live on Instagram. Minty Fresh and Precious Paula Nicole were just about to enter the Convention Center in their respective cars. Turing was sitting at her booth, visibly excited about what would transpire. It was the first day of DragCon in Los Angeles, and the first thing on the agenda was to cut the pink ribbon with RuPaul and the participating queens from around the world. 

Photo: PRINCE MARELL (via Instagram)

The DragCon fever started when we saw most of the Drag Race Philippines cast travel to the US. Some didn’t waste time getting their first dollar at brunches and clubs. We noticed some of them posing with the Hollywood sign in the background. Turing had an extra memorable encounter with the reigning queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sasha Colby. She tweeted: “ I was pulled by the manager of the bar, taken to a red-robed area. And then, Boom! Someone called, ‘TURING!’ We talked. She knows me!”

Vicarious joy was overflowing. We all genuinely felt thrilled especially knowing that this was once a long-shot dream for all of them. DragCon is the Disneyland of drag, where artists and fans gather convention-style to celebrate queer culture and self-expression. Seeing our Pinoy darlings meet their idols and their idols fanning over them was pretty awesome. 

As expected, the star-powered presence of the cast of Drag Race Philippines captivated everyone and set a new standard of excellence. We rounded up key DragCon moments that trigger joy and excitement up to this day. 


Ehrran Montoya’s exquisite designs of Eva Le Queen’s sampaguita realness, Corazon’s fairytopia eleganza, and Marina Summers’ sea goddess couture were met with gasps as the queens walked down the pink carpet. 



Like a beautiful and rare bird perched on our finger, the elusive Xilhouete stomped down the pink carpet and was a sight to behold. She even had a cute moment with her daughter Marina Summers afterward. But true to her style, she was never again seen after. 

The Throne

The majestic installation of Precious Paula Nicole would incline anyone who dropped by her booth to curtsy. The royal setup, combined with Precious Paula Nicole’s warm radiance and aura, created an atmosphere of serene grandeur. 

Photo: PRECIOUS PAULA NICOLE (via Instagram)

Sasha Colby

What a blessing from the heavens to have this encounter caught on video because we could hear the reigning queen of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the favorite drag queen of our favorite drag queens, the legendary Sasha Colby telling Eva Le Queen that Drag Race Philippines was her favorite franchise. But wait, there’s more! She also said, “Pop Off Ate!” My imagination immediately works on a visual of Sasha Colby performing Pop Off Ate with the cast of Drag Race Philippines.

Pinoys Everywhere

Manila Luzon dedicated two Instagram posts with photos of her posing with several Filipino queens at the convention. Apart from the cast of Drag Race Philippines, there’s also Aura Mayari (RPDR Season 15), Rock M. Sakura (RPDR Season 12), Stephanie Prince (Canada’s Drag Race S2 & Canada vs. the World), Ongina (RPDR S1), and Mocha Diva (Drag Race Thailand S2). 

Photos: MANILA LUZON (via Instagram)

Bring Back My Girls Filming

The cast of Drag Race Philippines with judge Jiggly Caliente filmed an episode of Bring Back My Girls with host TS Madison. The new season will start airing this coming October. 

Marina Summers Wows The House Down

Dressed in what looked like a cluster of stars clinging to her body (a Ryan Manansala creation), Marina Summers swept the stage like a tidal wave. Every move had power that sent chills down the spines of everyone present and watching from their phones. What a mothertucking star!

Viñas DeLuxe Shows Off Her Stage Prowess

I’ve personally seen this live many times, but it hasn’t lost its hold on me. It’s still as wildly entertaining, fun, and fascinating as the first time. I was mighty proud that a new and larger audience finally saw what a Viñas DeLuxe experience was. Hearing how the crowd reacted and reading all the praises online signaled the start of bigger things. Let’s go, Viñas!

@rupaulsdragcon @Vinas DeLuxe kept the lambily FED at #DragCon LA, seeing this live was absolutely unreal 😭👏 Don’t miss the biggest weekend in #DragRace ♬ original sound – RuPaul's DragCon

Marina Summers Wins a WOWIE Award

Marina didn’t just win a WOWlebrity on the Rise award but was the clear winner of DragCon LA 2023. Congratulations, Filipina Winnah!

Featured image: RUPAUL’S DRAGCON (via Website)

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