9 Local Podcasts That Will Lighten Up Your Mood in Quarantine

9 Local Podcasts That Will Lighten Up Your Mood in Quarantine


Putting all ears on the news can drain the life out of even the most chipper. While we need to keep an eye on what’s next after the recently announced extension of ECQ, listening to mood-boosting local podcasts can be a good interval. 

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More and more Filipinos are building their platform on podcasting. With the innate humor and undeniable wit of Filipinos, a captivating and insightful conversation naturally comes out from any relatable topic. Besides, podcasts are becoming a big thing nowadays. This could possibly be hint of a shift in paradigm, don’t you think? In times when you’ve found something to pre-occupy yourself with, let’s say decluttering your stuff or engaging yourself with some internet-famous recipes, play these podcasts on the background and learn one or two from them. And believe me, it would instantly deliver insight as if it were with a thought-provoking, like-minded individual, too.

Adulting with Joyce Pring

If you have a lot on your plate as an adult, this podcast with Joyce Pring can help familiarize yourself with dealing with some adulting issues and a lot of How-Tos. Before you take a refresher course, try to reflect on things with this podcast and figure out which aspect of your life have been doing it correctly and wrongly.

The Linya Linya Show

Combining humor and relevance, The Linya Linya Show will transport you to a typical Filipino barkada-like set-up and sit down on relatable matters. It’s always a fun chatter with Ali Sangalang in every episode of The Linya Linya Show. And at the end of every episode, you’re not just keeping laughter as your takeaways, but nuggets of wisdom as well.


Whether it be a hot potato or the talk of the town, the Endslate podcast may have the same perspective on trending topics as you are. From reviewing the latest films and handling the quarantine period, this group of intellectuals is sharing their thoughts and giving friendly advice.

Wake Up With Jim & Saab

Juggling good parenting to Pancho and Vito, work, and podcasting, Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona tackle the life’s realest issues. Even life’s greatest debate will find settlement in this podcast. Now, if you want to know more about dealing with the quarantine life, they also got it for you.

Tawa, Let’s

From the name of the podcast itself, Tawa Let’s traverses the Philippine comedy scene with guest personalities who are delving into comedy through their own platforms. This fun session also highlights on career talk and goal-setting.

Boiling Waters

How’s your love life going amidst the quarantine? The Boiling Waters podcast masters the talk on the different aspects of building and breaking a relationship. From entering a new relationship, keeping things steady, deciding to end things on a good note, to moving on, if you need some fair love advice, this might be the reality check you need.

The Halo Halo Show

Now, they’re not just saving everyone who are stuck in the Manila traffic from boredom, but I guess the traffic of the COVID-19 curve also. Radio DJ duo Rica Garcia and JC Tevez answer frequently asked questions on a mish-mash of trending topics with humor and insights as well.

Telebabad Tapes

From the Filipino term telebabad, which means hours-long chatter over the phone, this podcast scrabble through pop culture topic to deeper conversations relating to real-life stories. Married couple Wincy Ong and Cj de Silva will make your indoor stay a bearable one with their relaxed yet lively podcast.

Walwal Sesh

“Ang podcast ng mga sawi.” Walwal Sesh podcast will let your focus on yourself while weighing your relationship with other people. Looking back on what went wrong on your love journey with a silver lining can actually be of help in keeping yourself sane during the extended enhanced community quarantine.

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