9 Designer Bags Beginners Should Invest In According To A Luxury Expert

9 Designer Bags Beginners Should Invest In According To A Luxury Expert


Owner of Love Luxe Bags, Aimee Hashim, and Mimiyuuuh share with us the 9 luxury bags you can start your collection with.

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There was once two sisters who fought over a bag. The bag in question was a Classic Medium Flap Chanel Bag in Caviar Quilted Leather with gold hardware. Their mother bought the bag during her hay days in the 90s. Now, she has decided to pass on the classic flap bag to one of her daughters. After much debating, the family is still at a loss as to who should keep the bag. But, why all the fuss? It’s because luxury bags are as much of an investment as art. This is why many collectors start at a young age in their road to luxury investments, which poses the question: How do you start a luxury bag collection? Love Luxe Bags founder, Aimee Hashim, and Mimiyuuuh show us the top 9 bags you can start your collection with in her newest YouTube video.

Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories
Starts at Php 120,000

Aimee Hashim loves a multi-functional bag. That’s why she highly recommends the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories. The pochette can be worn as a sling or as a shoulder bag. Apart from this, the classic LV monogram makes this bag a timeless piece you won’t regret purchasing.

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini
Starts at Php 120,000

The Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini is a highly coveted bag by influencers and celebrities alike. Originally, it is a backpack, but it can be also used as a crossbody bag because of it’s multi-functionality.

Chanel Caviar Quilted Wallet on Chain
Starts at Php 150,000

Chanel never goes on sale, so you can expect the Chanel Caviar Quilted Wallet on Chain to be a good starting investment. It might be a little pricier than the other items on this list, but if you have more money to spend then have at it.

Givenchy Small Antigona Soft Bag
Starts at Php 100,000

Aimee and Mimiyuuuh call the Givenchy Small Antigona Soft Bag, “The bag with attitude.” If the name sounds familiar, then you’ve probably seen the Antigona’s older design before. Creative director of Givenchy, Matthew Williams, recently gave the Antigona a revamp with a more shapely and wearable appearance.

bottega veneta, mini jodie, collection

Bottega Veneta The Mini Jodie Tote Bag
Starts at Php 98,000

Mimiyuuuh is a certified Bottega girl. She just couldn’t get her hands off of the Bottega Veneta The Mini Jodie Tote Bag in pink. Since the birth of a younger and fresher Bottega, clients have been eyeing the Jodie Tote Bag in multiple sizes and colors.

collection, pocket bag, burberry

Burberry Mini Two-Tone Pocket Bag
Starts at Php 70,000

Aimee admits to not being a fan of Burberry during their logomania days, but when she saw The Pocket bags she developed a liking towards the brand. She recommends this as a starter to those who like to keep it sweet and simple without compromising function.

collection, louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis
Starts at Php 120,000

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis is the starter investment for anyone who likes structure for their bags. It’s a multi-functional pochette that can be worn either for shoulder or cross-body wear. Aimee used to own one in pink, but later on sold it to a client.

Evergreen: Louis Vuitton Speedy, Neverfull, and Alma
Starts at Php 100,000

Aimee and Mimiyuuh begin the video by introducing the LV trinity of starting bags. You can never fail with a Speedy, Neverfull, or an Alma. They’re timeless, wearable, and chic. Although, if you’d like to veer away from the norm, then we’d recommend starting your collection with something else.

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