A Breakdown of the Top 5 Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Q&A Segment

A Breakdown of the Top 5 Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Q&A Segment


MEGA presents a rundown of the Miss Universe Philippines top five candidates’ answers during the Q&A portion

Over the past few months, countless aspiring women have redefined the terms ‘beauty’ and ‘confidence’. Only the most illustrious of these candidates advance to the top five, to which they have to undergo the ultimate test of the question and answer. The vast sea of skill and ambition that has graced the stage, with thousands of competitors showing their individual charms and talents, is astounding—and hearing them speak their thoughts and opinions from the bowl of queries is always something to anticipate. Here’s a rundown of the top five’s articulate responses from the recent Miss Universe Philippines Q&A.

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Miss Universe Philippines Top 5 Taguig Bulacan Cainta Baguio Quezon Province
The top five candidates of Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Ahtisa Manalo, Quezon Province

Ahtisa Manalo’s question was about the biggest lesson she has learned from another woman in her life, and how this impacted her life. The beauty queen then referenced her grandmother as her role model. “She is someone who has a big heart and who has always taught me to be kind. My grandmother is the embodiment of what a great woman is,’ she said.

Miss Universe Philippines Q&A question and answer Quezon Province Ahtisa Manalo
Miss Quezon Province

Tarah Valencia, Baguio

Tarah Valencia’s response to the personal question about her breakthrough achievement is making it to the stage after a challenging and demanding journey in this pageant. “The Tarah before is someone who limits herself, but stepping on the Miss Universe stage—I see my transformation and improvement to becoming the inspiring woman that I am now,” she said.

Miss Universe Philippines Q&A question and answer Baguio Tarah Valencia
Miss Baguio

Stacey Daniella Gabriel, Cainta

Cainta’s representative was told to share with the nation about a time she has inspired another woman. She tells the crowd that she has been made to think of being too old to join. But throughout her journey to the crown, Stacey realizes that pageants are representative of the nation and people. “Tonight, I am not only representing myself, but every Filipina woman who sees themselves in me. I hope to inspire every Filipina that just like the universe, we, too, are limitless,” she said.

Miss Universe Philippines Q&A question and answer Cainta Stacey Gabriel
Miss Cainta

Chelsea Manalo, Bulacan

Chelsea Manalo’s question tackles beauty and confidence as tools of empowering others. She relates her answer to her experience of being bullied as a woman of color, and how beauty has a standard that isn’t in her favor. She then says, “But I’ve always believed in my mother and myself, and so I am already influencing a lot of women. I also have 52 other candidates with me who have helped me become the woman that I am now.”

Miss Universe Philippines Q&A question and answer Bulacan Chelsea Manalo
Miss Bulacan

Christi McGarry, Taguig

Taguig’s question is about the biggest challenge she has faced as a Filipina, and the measures she has taken to hurdle it. “Filipinas are still limited and shadowed by men or society. But with my platform, and me standing in front of you here today, I can encourage women that you can be strong, be powerful and own your destiny—just as I plan to do tonight.”

Miss Universe Philippines Q&A question and answer Taguig Christi McGarry
Miss Taguig

Photography by GRANT BABIA

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