Once Upon a Bridal Gown: A Romantic Collection by Haydee Garcia

Once Upon a Bridal Gown: A Romantic Collection by Haydee Garcia


Bringing the fairytale, romantic bubble to your wedding day, Haydee Garcia unveils the Femme Amoreux collection

Whether it’s walking down an aisle underneath a canopy of lush trees, or stepping through extravagant chapel doors, every bride wants to arrive at the altar and say “I do” to her lover in the wedding dress of her dreams—”The One” she’s daydreamed of for months and curated a Pinterest board for.   

You’ve been this bride for days, even years. When you were a little girl, you may have fantasized about marrying the love of your life. Giddy and euphoric, you want everything to be perfect for your wedding day, and designer Haydee Garcia can make your dream bridal gown come true with the Femme Amoreux collection.

Woman in love

Haydee Garcia’s newest capsule collection, which directly translates to “woman in love,” focuses on perfecting different bridal silhouettes and adapting to recent trends while maintaining her goal of being flexible to her bride’s preferences. 

Haydee Garcia
Designer Haydee Garcia posing pretty in a black mesh embellished with white pearl long gown

“I use different kinds of romantic lace, 3D flowers making the gown look soft and dainty, and of course, bead work to make each dress stand out and sparkly,” said Haydee, explaining the details that went into this capsule. 

Haydee was inspired by “us girls being very thrilled and excited to be stuck inside this fairytale bubble when we’re in love,” which ultimately made her dream of fairytale gowns. Listed below are these dreams-turned-realities, fit for women who want to live in the moment of being in love:

All the classics with a twist

From traditional ball gowns to minimalist slip dresses, there’s always a classic bridal fit that never goes out of style with its timelessness. If you’re looking for a true classic serpentine wedding dress, Fleur is just for you. This is an ivory gown in full lace appliqué with a floral pattern and fully embellished with beads and sequins. It can be also customized with off-shoulder sleeves, long-sleeve mesh, or a strap. 

“Fleur” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Fleur” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, an ivory gown in full lace applique with floral pattern
“Vignes” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Vignes” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a serpentine gown with lines and vines pattern

There’s also a way to make you appear taller and more slender. Ideal for petite and mid-sized brides, Vignes’ lines and vine pattern is the main focal point of this fit, which makes the bride’s figure appear longer. This serpentine gown is fully embellished with ceramic glass beads, nano pearls, and micro-Swarovski crystals with scattered 3D floral appliqué. 

For a dreamy, fully beaded ball gown, you can try Enchantée, which is adorned with ceramic glass beads, pearls, mirrored sequins, and Swarovski crystals. This gown will stand out from the crowd as it sparkles with every move and turn you make. 

Can’t get enough of sparkles? The base of the Douce dress is champagne with ivory caviar lace. It is fully beaded with glitter base, cut beads, and sequins with detachable off-shoulder sleeves, a great bridal style twist to your ceremony. 

“Enchantée” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Enchantée” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a dreamy fully beaded ball gown
“Douce” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Douce” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a ceremony version of “Bijou” mini frock
“Champagne Ball Gown” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Champagne Ball Gown” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a halter gown with a keyhole

Haydee Garcia also has a trendsetter—the Champagne Ball Gown with a big keyhole in the middle worn by her muse, Kristine Hermosa. A vision of class and elegance, this fully beaded gown is adorned with ceramic cut beads, sequins, and Swarovski crystals with scattered 3D flowers. 

For garden and beach ceremonies

“Jeune” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Jeune” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a classic champagne A-line bustier gown
“Liberté” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Liberté” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, an A-line gown made of soft tulle skirt

Garden and beach weddings are a popular choice during the summer. Set in a lush natural landscape, this tropical ceremony can make your big day even more magical. Haydee Garcia’s Atelier have the perfect bridal style just for you: Jeune, the classic champagne A-line bustier gown is lightweight and fully embellished lace from top to hips, and Liberté, a soft and lightweight A-line gown with a romantic lace adorned with subtle beadwork and clear sequins (you can add a strap, off-shoulder, or mesh sleeves according to your liking.)

The life of the party

Weddings are even made more fun, festive, and memorable for its afterparties. Show off your style and take the spotlight with Haydee Garcia’s unique reception and afterparty dresses. 

This Miroiter dusty rose off-shoulder is a sure head-turner. Fully beaded from top to bottom with a bedazzled waistband to give an illusion of a cinched waist, this dress gives a modern twist to a Tinghun gown (Chinese engagement gown) or even a reception gown.

"Bijou" by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Bijou” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a little white dress perfect for an afterparty frock
"Mitroiter" by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Mitroiter” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a fully beaded gown from top to bottom
“Mignonne” by Haydee Garcia Atelier
“Mignonne” by Haydee Garcia Atelier, a fully embellished little white dress

Fully beaded with silver cut beads, sequins, and pearls, the Bijou white dress is perfect for an afterparty frock. The ostrich feathers add an attitude and twist to your regular mini dress.

Let loose and dance the night away with the shining shimmering Mignonne little white dress. Fully embellished with its fully beaded sparkly top and hi-low skirt, this dress makes you glimmer like the stars in your afterparty. 

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