A Drag Race Philippines Viewing Party to Remember: Bekenemen’s 3rd Wednesday Delivered Above and Beyonce

A Drag Race Philippines Viewing Party to Remember: Bekenemen’s 3rd Wednesday Delivered Above and Beyonce


Episode 3 and Untucked 3 shined as TV masterpieces, and the live drag shows were beyond the imaginable, resulting in a shockwave of all things wow at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Not only did we receive the gift of great television, but we also got live shows that brought us to our feet, ejected emotions out of our eyes, and conveyed our love by allowing air to rush out of our mouths to create loud screechy noises. I was so blown away there was a moment when it made me think about the first person that found themselves at a loss for words and thought of clapping to show admiration and appreciation. For many times that night, the Bekenemen Viewing Party sounded—and sometimes acted—like wild animals howling and screaming. One for the mother-tucking books, I tell ya! 

Myx Chanel at Bekenemen Viewing Party
Regina Gorge at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Here’s a summary of what transpired that evening:

Myx Chanel opened with Carly Rae Jepsen’s Cut To The Feeling, a gay anthem that has a tender clasp on us. That opening with rainbows, confetti, fireworks, reveals, stunts, and choreography couldn’t be perfect. 

The high-energy song A Woman’s Got The Power by Jennifer Holliday was personified by Regina Gorge. 

Drag Race Philippines Season 1 fashion queen Minty Fresh was exhilarating in blue. Referencing Drag Race Philippines Season 2’s Captivating Katkat’s entrance to the Werk Room, which references a past feud between them through performance, was a masterclass in drag. After the number, Bekenemen Viewing Party host Baus Rufo asked: “Ano ang inspiration mo sa standee?”

Minty Fresh at Bekenemen Viewing Party
Winter Sheason at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Minty Fresh: “Parang hindi naman inspiration ang tawag dun.”

The crowd went wild.

Minty Fresh: “Baka siya ‘yung dapat niyong tanuning kung sino inspiration niya.”

Baus: “And that is why we fucking love Minty Fresh!”

Winter Sheason served us divine vocals with a mashup of the Diva Dance from the 90s cult favorite sci-fi movie Fifth Element and Whitney Houston’s Queen of the Night.

Arizona Brandy’s initial reaction after watching episode 3: “I don’t want to talk about the lip sync pero I’m just so happy na I get to introduce my Cubao sisters. Nagkaroon sila ng airtime and actually, that’s my goal.”

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 queens at Bekenemen Viewing Party

What Arizona is doing for her sisters in the Cubao drag scene reflects the natural warmth of her spirit. 

Baus asked Hana Beshie: “You saw the crowd’s reaction when you came out the runway; it was visceral, it was so good. That time, naramdaman mo ba, ‘ang ganda ng outfit ko!’”

Actually, hindi ako confident, promise! Parang, nung gumagawa kami, parang isang oras ako nakatunganga, day! Tapos nakikita ko si Veruschka, ‘ang ganda ng ginagawa ko!’ Ganon siya ng ganon! Confident na siya, day! Tapos sa runway namin, ah OK.”

Baus Rufo asked DeeDee after watching episode 3: “How does it feel na matalo ‘yung rival mo in that very moment? Like, ‘yung totoong unfiltered reaction mo when you found out that you wore it better.”

DeeDee Marié Holliday: “First of all, do I have to give her more air time?”

The Bekenemen audience cheered.

crowd at Bekenemen Viewing Party

DeeDee: “No, no, no, OK, let’s just put it this way, Katkat and I, we’ve been working together for a very long time, and I respect her professionally; there’s that. Actually, when I was making my outfit, I was so focused on myself, my outfit lang. I just wanted to present something that’s well put together because I don’t know how to sew.”

ÖV CÜNT’s first reaction to the “Trash” comment made by Tessa Prieto: “Well, I find it weird that when someone’s trauma from last season is still being said as a fucking joke—I don’t think that’s a fucking joke! Honestly, right now, medyo nahihiya ako sa inyo, guys.”

The Bekenemen Viewing Party audience collectively uttered a long “no” as if trying to embrace ÖV with reassuring voices.

ÖV: I honestly feel like…walang iiyak! I honestly feel like I’ve disappointed people. But to be honest with you guys, I didn’t expect to have this much love, and it’s just really hard. I mean, no one deserves to experience that. Kahit gaano pa kapanget, kahit ikaw pa yung nanalo nung challenge, kahit hindi ikaw dapat yung nanalo, but yeah, im just telling you guys, me being safe after this episdode, it will be fucking worth it, OK?

Bernie at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Bernie made a surprise appearance and got to chat with M1ss Jade So about their runway looks in episode 3.

Bernie: “Nagtulungan kaming dalawa nun ni Jade. Kung sino man magiging top or bottom, eh parehas naman kasi kaming top kaya hindi namin alam sino magiging bottom.”

Jade: “I’m super glad na tinulungan talaga ako literal ni Bernie kasi as a queen na always cause of delay, sobrang bagal ko gumawa. Dapat puno ng balls yung skirt ko, uh-huh, mga souls na dinevour ko. And also, yung concept namin ni Bernie, pinagusapan namin ‘to. Ako si Santanas as Satan and Santa. Siya si Gringel: Grinch & Angel. OH!

Jade said while acting surprised at having hair and makeup that matched, “Paano nangyari ‘yun? Just the goddess energies!”

Myx Chanel at Bekenemen Viewing Party
Arizona Brandy at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Myx Chanel opened the second set with Lady Gaga’s You and I.

Seeing the chaos, the mess, and the brilliance of Arizona Brandy’s Kitty Girl in person was something else. Bravo, Arizona! That’s how you EAT the stage. I still can’t believe that was a Ben Nye setting powder. 

Marina Summers at Bekenemen Viewing Party
M1ss Jade So at Bekenemen Viewing Party

Marina Summers, on her hit Youtube show, The Stop Over, garnering hundreds of thousands of views: “I just like reinventing myself, you know? ‘Yun naman importante after Drag race, to discover more opportunities. If you can’t be on a show, make your own show.”

M1ss Jade So graced us in her design challenge look and performed an epic version of Carol of the Bells and a breakcore track by Virgen María featuring Perth Daijing, Angel or Demon, that brought the Santanas persona to life. 

DeeDee Marié Holliday captivated the audience with an outstanding Britney Spears medley.

DeeDee Marié Holliday at Bekenemen Viewing Party
ÖV Cünt at Bekenemen Viewing Party

ÖV CÜNT wished to “take back the power” by translating pain and hurt into a piece of art: a deeply emotional performance of Jennifer Hudson’s Memory in a magnificent garbage bag gown by designer Jan Garcia. The lip sync ability of ÖV draws you in and twists your arteries. 

Hana Beshie at Bekenemen Viewing Party

As a Lady Gaga fan, I was so happy to get a track from Dawn of Chromatica. Hana Beshie performed one of my favorite tracks from the album, Replay, and then did it all again in high-speed reverse. Brilliant. Genius. I was in tears. A perfect bow to end an unforgettable night. 

Photography by GRANT BABIA

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