Capturing the Brazilian Spirit: A Closer Look at H&M’s Summer Collection

Capturing the Brazilian Spirit: A Closer Look at H&M’s Summer Collection


Drawing inspiration from the vibrant cultural landscape of Brazil, H&M’s latest collection features bold pieces that give you the confidence to march along to the summer beat.

More than the pristine white sand beaches it’s known for, Brazil is an amalgamation of rich culture and traditions. While other cultures offer a plethora of summer outfits, Brazil’s bold but effortless tropical looks have been making waves in the fashion industry. The combination of vivid prints and free-flowing pieces adds a splash of color in the midst of minimalist trends, making it a popular choice for the season.

As summer rolls around the corner, let’s take a deep dive into H&M’s latest collection, particularly how each piece draws inspiration from the vibrant culture of Brazil.

H&M Summer 2024 collection features bold kaftan / kaftans.
The H&M Summer 2024 Collection features flowy ensembles influenced by Afro-Brazilian styles.

The African Influence

As a cultural melting pot, Brazil’s culture and fashion are influenced by its neighbors. For instance, the southern part of Brazil features African-inspired clothing items. This is apparent in their use of big organic patterns, intricate details, and loose-fitting fabrics for their ensembles. H&M considered these elements when designing one of their latest pieces.

One of the unforgettable highlights of the H&M Summer collection is the striking knitted kaftans. Ablaze with a variety of colors, this flowy tunic-like piece is a modern take on Afro-Brazilian styles. It features intricate patterns that perfectly encapsulate the diverse heritage of the country. 

It is also the perfect fit for the summer, as it drapes nicely on the body. Thus, it offers you the breathability to engage in any activity. From dinner parties to a day lounging at the beach, you could never go wrong with this elegant piece.

Raffia details from the collection
Organic shapes and patterns inspired by Brazil’s rich biodiversity make up the collection’s design.

A Touch of Amazon 

Brazil, home to the Amazon rainforest, is rich in natural resources. Among the vibrant greenery and flora in the area is the raffia palm. Once dried, it often functions as a natural fiber used in making crafts and clothing items. 

As a tribute to this versatile material, H&M’s summer collection features a variety of crocheted pieces with the raffia effect. The crocheted aspect of the piece exudes a boho vibe, which is very much in season right now. Meanwhile, its design is a love letter to Brazil’s biodiversity. 

Meanwhile, raffia is also present in other pieces from the same collection, such as woven hats and bags. As versatile as its inspiration, these raffia-inspired items are wearable for any casual summer-themed exploration. 

Tiered dress from the summer collection
H&M’s modern take on a tiered dress, styled with gold accessories from the same collection.

A Carnival of Culture

Ruffles and tiered skirts are common in traditional and contemporary Brazilian fashion. This is especially apparent in the silhouette of the ballroom samba attire, which features a layered skirt. Meanwhile, other regions like Minas Gerais also incorporate colorful fabrics and ruffles for their women’s attire. 

H&M considers these elements when creating its flowy, sleeveless mini-dress. A modern approach to tiered clothing, it is a fit that exudes festivity. The use of solid-colored fabrics for this piece adds a touch of flair while maintaining its contemporary look. A hint of sensuality is added to the design through its thin straps, which show off the delicate collarbones. With a flowy skirt completing the garment, it is a comfortable fit that is bound to be a head-turner.

Also featured in the H&M’s Summer collection are chunky gold accessories. Adding to the loud and captivating nature of the look, it perfectly complements the mini-dress. Confidently parade around any celebration with this ensemble.

h&m brazilian inspired pieces
Embroidered pieces are also featured in the collection.

The Contemporary Baiana 

From dramatic ruffles and layers, H&M adds a hint of serenity to the collection with their modern take on the Baiana dress. Associated with northeastern rituals, the Baiana dress is traditionally made of white linen or cotton fabrics. It often features an embroidered design.

For their Summer collection, H&M adds a touch of modernity to this dress by shortening up the skirt length. With fewer layers than the traditional version, it is also much more breathable. Overall, this take on the design lends to a boho vibe, thus making it a perfect fit for summer road trips.

h&m brazil and african inspired dress
Maxi dresses in vibrant colors are among the highlights of the H&M collection.

A Fit for Summer

Of course, one of the famous highlights of Brazil is its serene beaches. As such, beach outfits, from sun dresses to bikinis, remain popular clothing items for contemporary times.

Still inspired by Afro-Brazilian ensembles, H&M’s Summer collection features voluminous maxi dresses. The big abstract patterns from the piece quickly catch your attention. 

brazil h&m summer collection swimsuits
H&M’s Summer 2024 collection offers diverse swimsuit styles.

Meanwhile, with their striking, solid colors, the swimsuits are bound to set the tropics ablaze. They can be paired with knitted shorts or matching skirts from the same collection, adding a bohemian feel to the ensemble. Thus, they are the perfect outfit for those days in the water.

With this variety of ensembles, H&M’s collection captured the heart and essence of Brazilian summers. It is the perfect fit for the season, bringing so much more than bold pieces. It perfectly replicates Brazilian customs’s electric and lively spirit through a mix of contemporary and traditional designs.

Be as fiery as you can be. Embody summer through H&M’s Summer 2024 Collection. Available in stores and online at starting May 16.

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