A Fashionista’s Dream: 7 Memorable Looks From Emily In Paris

A Fashionista’s Dream: 7 Memorable Looks From Emily In Paris


The Netflix Original Series—Emily In Paris—is the new fashion rom-com series to binge-watch as each episode is full of designer looks in the City of Lights.

The moment we heard that Patricia Field was doing the costume design for the must-watch rom-com series, we really didn’t expect anything less than magical. After all, she is the inimitable creative known for the ever-chic looks we gushed over in Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada. Here, she delivered and more, making it a point to deliver the same amount of passion and quality into all the looks for Emily in Paris.

In fact, within only a few minutes into the first episode, we’ve already felt that we are truly in for a very stylish 10-episode series. With nods to Sex and the City, Darren Star’s new hit-series starring leading lady, Lily Collins, is every fashionista’s dream: eat, work, and love in Paris. And while she navigates through the streets of the French capital, we can’t help ourselves be filled with so much enthusiasm as one spellbinding outfit after another was constantly dazzling us, especially there were lots of Chanels. Because of this, we listed down seven of our favorite looks from Emily in Paris.

The First Look

Emily in Paris

Unlike the Devil Wears Prada where Andy Sachs arrives in a tacky fit, Emily was prepared on her first day at her job. Armed with a great passion for fashion, she took on a whole new environment trying to blend in by simply being stylish—the least she could do given she doesn’t speak Français. She donned an Alice + Olivia blouse (featuring the Eiffel Tower) teamed with a phyton-printed Ronny Kobo skirt and a vibrant Christian Louboutin Gorgona boots.

Une Soirée

At the first-ever event that Emily attended meeting one of Savoir’s biggest client, Patricia Field alluded to the finale of Sex and the City. During the soirée, Emily wore a tulle skirt paired with a strapless black top, Christian Louboutin sandals, and a quirky vintage purse.

Audrey Hepburn

Did Lily Collins make us do a double take thinking that she was the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn? Well, in an exclusive by MJ Marfori in onemega.com, Field admits that the gown Emily wore at the ballet was really supposed to channel the late actress. And the ever-amazing costume design head impeccably did that as she garbed in a Christian Siriano gown, Agnelle gloves, and head jewels by La Compagnie du Costume.

Pink Fantasy

Emily in Paris pink

Let’s admit it—each one of us dreamt of wearing an all-pink ensemble and look très sophistiqué. Now, this dream of ours just came true for Lily Collins as she wore a Fuschia coat over an Argyle wool sweater and a pink jumper, matched with pink knee-high socks.


The best thing about style risk-takers is that we are not afraid of experimenting, and Emily proves just that mixing different textures and prints. We noticed this just before she went inside Sylvie’s office offering some fresh roses to somehow get her boss’ approval—which didn’t work at all. But what really worked was her outfit featuring a Chanel metallic jacket, printed miniskirt, Chanel scarf, and Dorateymur lilac stainless boots.

Greener Pasture

Emily in Paris Green Chanel

In order to stand out amongst the sea of influencers, your outer appearance is critical. Not only that you have to look the part, but you also have to act the part. Fortunately for Emily, she knows just the perfect way to impress notable people as she wore Chanel’s boxy green multi-pocket blazer from its recent Cruise 2020 collection over a checked dress. But what we really loved the most about this look is how Patricia Field injected a subtle hint of street style by using an oversized coat, hence, playing with proportions.

La Haute Couture

Finally, it can’t be Paris without at least an Haute Couture piece. While Pierre Cadaultis just a fictional couturier, the creation that Emily wore on the stage during the AFL auction was definitely non-fiction. The white asymmetrical creation was actually a Stephane Rolland Couture piece from his spring 2017 Paris collection.

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