A Filipino Brand is Putting Local Streetwear on the Map 

A Filipino Brand is Putting Local Streetwear on the Map 


As they join forces with H&M once again, DBTK paints a vivid picture of a thriving Filipino streetwear future

In the vibrant streets of the Philippines, where the boundaries of creativity are constantly pushed to the extreme, a sartorial uprising is taking place. The rise of our local streetwear has captivated the global stage, highlighting the ingenuity that emanates from every Filipino.

Taking the fashion scene by storm is none other than DBTK, a homegrown label that has joined forces for the second time with the international fashion powerhouse, H&M. This dynamic collaboration also unveiled the talent of Filipino artist Dexter Fernandez, better known as Garapata. Keep reading to see how this brand is proving that the future of Filipino streetwear has officially arrived.

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Born on the streets 

Local streetwear

From humble beginnings, the Javier brothers, Vince and Emil, breathed life into DBTK out of pure passion. They explained in their interviews before that building their own label felt like a roll of the dice, a gamble in the world of fashion. Little did they know that their brand would evolve into a symbol of the Philippines’ streetwear culture, celebrated worldwide. When Emil was asked about their second collaboration with H&M, he simply said, “Very grateful kami sa H&M because they gave us this opportunity for us to express ourselves and to let people know what DBTK and Garapata [are] internationally.” 

Filipino creativity takes flight

The local brand said that their mission is to always go beyond being a mere clothing label. With a commitment to embody the essence of the Filipino spirit, they strive to capture the hearts and souls of our people. In their latest collection, Vince said that they collaborated closely with Dex to encapsulate his artistic prowess and effortlessly fuse it with modern streetwear trends. The result? A stunning showcase of Filipino artistry that can easily strike a chord with the current generation.

From trendsetters to trailblazers

DBTK H&M Collab

Vince and Emil openly express their immense pride in witnessing the growth of their brainchild. However, they mentioned that their path to international acclaim was not a walk in the park. Starting from the ground up and breaking into a fiercely competitive industry, the brothers faced their fair share of obstacles. Yet, they stand tall today, basking in the glow of recognition and success, both on their home turf and beyond. Emil, with genuine joy, shares his optimism for the younger generation as he witnesses a surge of fearless, aspiring streetwear creators. He hopes that their brand’s journey serves as an inspiration, urging these emerging talents to persistently chase their dreams of triumph.

Setting the style bar high 

“This collaboration is not just about us or Dex. We’re representing the entire streetwear community—the Filipino community.”

Local streetwear

As the streetwear culture in the country continues to evolve, brands like DBTK are at the forefront, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. Emil’s response to MEGA Man about the future of Filipino streetwear was simple yet profound: “The future is already here.” As the global stage eagerly awaits what’s next, it’s clear that the Philippines has secured its place as a force to be reckoned with in the world of streetwear. This collaboration underscores that Filipino fashion isn’t just clothing; it’s a symbol of a thriving culture ready to take on the world, one street at a time.

Photos and Videos: DBTK (via Instagram)

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