A Fully-Equipped Studio Perfect For All The Creatives Out There

A Fully-Equipped Studio Perfect For All The Creatives Out There


Equipment and fixtures won’t be an issue anymore with Beyond Concept Studio.

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Studio hunting, a challenge for those who have been in the creative industry for some time. From the studio lights, backdrop, and spacious set— creativity tends to be limited under circumstances. But with the rise of artists and creatives, awareness gives birth to a new playground you can work in. 

A studio that gives you the creative freedom and comfort, Beyond Concept Studio is the new space you’d want for your next project.

With their Scandinavian inspired interior, the studio provides various textures and furniture that will guarantee a sleek and modern look for your shoot. Comfortable and easy to use, this studio can be easily transformed to any theme you want. 

A detail that creatives would definitely enjoy? It’s a fully-equipped studio. So if you’re a photographer or a videographer, this studio lessens the worries of bringing your own equipment to the studio. 

Though the studio opened during the pandemic, it’s been in the works for a few years now and is now open to all. It’s a space you’ll grow to love and we can expect more exciting plans the studio has in store.

Learn more about Beyond Concept Studio on their Instagram and Facebook.

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