A Gentleman’s Guide to Mastering the Modern Business Casual Look

A Gentleman’s Guide to Mastering the Modern Business Casual Look


Are you still struggling to find the right business casual attire? Here are some tips to help you achieve a professional yet polished appearance

In the context of modern sartorial sophistication, it is essential for every discerning gentleman to navigate the balance between professionalism and style. Whether you’re on the brink of closing a major deal or climbing the corporate ladder, you want to make sure that your business casual outfit leaves a favorable impression. Here are some styling pointers that can help you exude an air of undeniable charm and assurance everywhere you go: 

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Tailored fit

Business Casual FIt
Photo: ZEGNA (via Instagram)

Get your modern business casual look started with a well-fitted blazer. Always opt to wear a coat that accentuates your shoulders and chest, but does not restrict your range of motion or comfort.

Have fun with colors and patterns

Business Casual Colors and Patterns
Photo: RALPH LAUREN (via Instagram)

While it is still more popular for people to wear neutral colors to work, modern business casual clothes allow for more variety in both pattern and color. Subtle checks, pinstripes, and subdued plaids are all options for your shirts and blazers if you’re looking to experiment. Pops of color, whether from accessories or your undershirt, also make traditional neutrals like navy, gray, and beige stand out.

Count on chinos

Business Casual Chino Pants
Photo: RALPH LAUREN (via Website)

Rather than wearing plain dark trousers, try on a pair of fitted chinos in understated tones like khaki, stone gray, or a subdued burgundy. This updated take on conventional business attire lets you look and feel great while still projecting an image of competence and conviction in your work. The perfect fit and cut will surely have you looking sleek and current.

Fine footwear

Business Casual Footwear
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If you want to make a statement with your footwear, go for a style that combines classic and modern elements. From sleek leather derbies to stylish sneakers and minimalistic loafers, these are some of the essential companions that every man can consider. Make sure these pairs are polished to absolute perfection and that they perfectly complement the color palette of your ensemble.

Details matter

Business Casual Accessories
Photo: RALPH LAUREN (via Instagram)

Every suave gentleman worth his salt must understand the power that comes with the art of accessorizing. Picture this: subtle silver or gunmetal adornments injecting a refined touch into your dress shirt’s cuffs, or a well-chosen belt that goes with your shoes, completing your ensemble. There’s no doubt that these little accents can effortlessly take your style to the next level.

Learn to layer

Business Casual Layering
Photo: RALPH LAUREN (via Instagram)

Layering is your secret weapon if you want to add dimension to your style or refresh the look of your clothes every time you wear them. For example, you can incorporate a lightweight, fine-knit sweater over your shirt to add depth and texture to your look. If you’re still feeling your way around the modern business casual style, safe bets include muted tones and understated patterns.

The finishing move

Business Casual Finishing Touch
Photo: GUCCI (via Instagram)

Without a good sense of self-assurance, no modern business casual look is complete. Keep your head up, walk with confidence, and let your clothes do the talking. Always remember that a gentleman’s confidence is the unshakable foundation upon which the rest of his dapper demeanor rests.

Featured Image: ZEGNA (via Instagram)

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