A Gilded Night of Fashion and Jewelry

A Gilded Night of Fashion and Jewelry


As they celebrate their 15th anniversary, Diagold gathered six designers from Cebu and Manila to showcase each of their works alongside their jewelry 

A gathering of designers in one fashion spectacle is still quite a rare occurrence. Having to witness such masterful pieces walk down the runway is an experience, but to see various creations from different designers in one night is truly a memory that every fashion enthusiast will keep for a long time. And last August 10, Diagold Jewelry did just that as they gathered six of the country’s well-loved designers to celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary in Cebu City.

The audience watched in awe as each design was adorned with jewelry that sparkled brilliantly underneath the lights. And to paint a clearer picture, here’s a walkthrough of the designs, as well as the collaboration between fashion and jewelry.

jojie lloren diagold jewelry

The intimate dinner

Hosted by the Chief Executive Officer of Diagold, Jennifer Que Viloria held a dinner to formally introduce their guests to the designers: Puey Quiñones, Jojie Lloren, Michael Leyva, Cary Santiago, Philip Rodriguez, and Jun Escario.

Puey Quiñones, who marked it as his first collaboration with Diagold,  expressed that his collection exudes the spirit of a modern Filipina. Through his designs, he wanted to embrace the sophistication of Filipinas, which is very much in line with the jewelry brand’s vision of a modern woman. 

jojie lloren diagold jewelry

Another first timer was Manila-based designer Jojie Lloren, who shared that despite it being the first, he had always been fond of their jewelry designs, which he has seen over the years. The designer hinted that his work captures the essence of a timeless elegance that undoubtedly matched with the gleaming pieces. 

To perfectly sum up the dinner, the CEO herself explained the concept behind every Diagold piece, which is to amplify the beauty of a modern Filipina. Each design was made to create a story that will resonate with every woman with any style because it’s how they shine amidst the crowd—like a true diamond. 

The night of the gala

 Philip Rodriguez diagold jewelry

It is only fitting for a Cebuano designer to open the show and Philip Rodriguez took the first spot in the runway. The spotlight was switched on to reveal a vivid magenta gown, which was worn by Diagold’s brand ambassador and former Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach. It featured various finishes, such as the pleated bodice, draped skirt, and the embellished cape. 

philip rodriguez diagold jewelry

As the collection progressed, we were able to see the continuation of the same detailings. Appliqués were done to mimic the corals of the sea, while the drapes and pleats were added to capture the water’s ripples. To balance out the vibrant hues of the pieces, diamonds were adorned on each model that definitely tied the whole look together. For Philip, he wanted to dedicate the collection to the jewels of the sea, and there is no better way of highlighting that through the scintillating pieces.

michael leyva diagold jewelry

Following Philip was Manila-based designer Michael Leyva who’s known for his meticulously designed pieces. He used his signature techniques of placing beads from neckline to hem, as well as using appliqués such as feathers to give more depth to the piece. The designer shared that he wanted to level his collection with jewelry’s intricate construction.

The silhouettes used had quite the range since some were timeless, while the others were sultry. To cap off the collection, the Leyva bride walked down the runway donned in a heavily embellished gown that was finished off with a lace veil. As for the jewelry, gemstones were used for Michael’s collection to give a regal feel to the overall look. Rubies, emeralds, and classic diamonds were adorned on the models. 

micharl leyva diagold jewelry

We were then transported to the world of Parisian fashion as Puey Quiñones presented his work on the runway. The designer mentioned that some of the fabrics came from France, but is still ultimately Filipino because of its DNA. When it came to the jewelry, Puey opted for a different route. Since his collection is quite contemporary, he matched the style with golds and silvers finished in sleek designs, while the diamonds had an edgy finish to it. 

puey quinones diagold jewelry

Bright hued pieces in billowy silhouettes made an appearance on the show. The designs had a slight quirk to them because of their use of sheer polka dot patterns and uncommon color combinations. By the end, model Jo Ann Bitagcol walked out wearing a sleek bridal gown that paid tribute to the classics. 

An understated tone then transpired on the runway as Jojie Llrone showed his unique take on the signature little black dress. For the designer, he wanted to explore the many possibilities of the wardrobe staple, and it’s what we saw on the runway. 

puey quinones diagold jewelry

It was all things sexy yet romantic with his use of sheer paneling combined with matte fabrics—a combination that is very much used in most of his pieces. Although, it was his ending piece that truly took the spotlight of the collection because of the subtle mix of 50s and 60s codes done with such simplicity. Similar to Puey’s choice of jewelry, the modernity of each piece amplified the allure of Jojie’s designs because of its maximalist style. 

jojie lloren diagold jewelry

A sudden turn of events happened when Jun Escario ventured into the world of evening wear done with such vibrancy. A subtle summer feel was felt as the models walked past in their flowy and bright hued pieces, but it never strayed away from the grandeur of the collection. 

jun escario diagold jewelry

Feathered appliqués were placed on the bodice, while soft tulle were used to give a soft touch of texture to the designs. Since the color palette was quite lively, it only made sense for diamonds to be worn for a timeless finish. 

jun escario diagold jewelry

There was no better way to close the show than by the esteemed Cebuano designer himself, Cary Santiago. Known for the meticulous construction behind the designs, it’s only safe to expect the unexpected with Cary, and that is exactly what transpired. 

cary santiago diagold jewelry

Going for an all-black collection was a rather bold move because the design would be textured-heavy to create depth. For Cary, he was able to execute it through the use of weaved beadworks with their chosen fabric construction. Some pieces even had black sailor boats crafted onto the ensemble—one of the designer’s signature plays on construction. To give a pop color to the collection, gemstones that had a maximalist finish were also used. As the collection nears its end, Diagold brand ambassador Small Laude then made her appearance wearing a Cary Santiago piece. 

cary santiago small laude diagold jewelry

A marriage of two cities through jewelry

Events like this showcases the power of art and its impact towards culture. Designers from different backgrounds came together and showcased their masterful designs that they have honed over the years—all gathered together to celebrate the wonderful journey of Diagold Jewelry. A sentimental milestone that many have witnessed, yet it all left us with a strong impression of a thriving community that the brand has built over the years.

diagold jewelry


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