A Guide on How You Can Pose Like a True Gen Z

A Guide on How You Can Pose Like a True Gen Z


Not sure how to pose for the camera? Check out these effortless Gen Z poses for your next Instagram post

When it comes to posing for a photo, we can’t help but overthink our next move as they continue to press the camera button. Should I put my hands on my hips? Maybe that’s too typical. How about a subtle head tilt? I do that all the time. What if I turn my body to the side? That might be too much.

All these thoughts yet we still can’t seem to take an IG worth photo. Luckily, we gathered some poses from these influencers that guarantees a good picture without looking too awkward for the camera.

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The lean and glance

Make it casual by doing the lean-and-glance pose. All you have to remember is to relax your shoulders, slightly elongate your neck, and do a fake step to accentuate your figure. Once you’ve got this down, it’ll look effortless on the feed.

Patricia Gaps Pose Guide
Photo: PATRICIA GAPS (via Instagram)

The staircase

At one point, we were all tempted to shoot by the pretty staircase but we just don’t know how to do it. For a quick shot, do the usual hip out pose to show off your silhouette, extend your arms in a relaxed manner, and lean to the side a bit. Adding all of this to your pose will make you look Pinterest-worthy. 

Ry Velasco Pose Guide
Photo: RY VELASCO (via Instagram)

The sit and recline

If you’re the type to add some spice to your pose, then you’re going to want to try the sit-and-recline. The formula for this pose is to lean back with your arms at the back, extend the leg and place the other on your lap, and tilt your chin up a little bit. It’s simple but it’s edgy enough for the feed. 

Ida Anduyan Pose Guide
Photo: IDA ANDUYAN (via Instagram)

The side profile

A pose made for the girls who love it uniquely street, there is no doubt that the side profile was made for you. Make sure to relax your posture, put your hands in your pockets, and show your side profile. In the end, it’s a lazy-proof pose that anyone can pull off. 

Bea Marin Posing Guide
Photo: BEA MARIN (via Instagram)

The checking notifs

Keep it cool and nonchalant as you check your notifications while they take your photos. It’s all things effortless just by casually standing and showing off your figure by doing the S-shape figure, then pull up your phone as you pose away. 

Chelsea Valencia Posing Guide
Photo: CHELSEA VALENCIA (via Instagram)

Featured: JAMINA CRUZ (via Instagram)

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