A Guide To Artist AC Bonifacio’s Groovy Style Secrets

A Guide To Artist AC Bonifacio’s Groovy Style Secrets


AC Bonifacio proves why she’s an unstoppable force on and off stage, and why expanding one’s medium as an artist is a constant process of loving oneself

This is an excerpt from MEGA’s April 2024 Stylephile

In the spirit of all things genuine, Andree Camille Bonifacio, or simply AC, defines self-love as prioritizing herself in everything—and this is something she learned just last year.

It’s an intimate process of starting to make self-love part of herself. Ever since she kept this mindset, it put a lot of pressure off her shoulders. She felt genuinely happier and more relaxed. Aside from work, one of the ways she puts herself on the top of her list is resting while also making time for her friends and loved ones.

The actress-dancer recently made her debut on the theater stage in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, where she played the role of Marcy Park. This proves that her versatility as a total performer goes beyond the screen and her influence goes beyond in the digital world.


Can you tell us about the exact moment you first fell in love with fashion?

I think I fell in love with fashion when I got into middle school (Grade 5). I believe it was because every school day, my mom would decide my outfits. She finally gave me the freedom to pick once I got into middle school. I would look forward to picking my outfits every night, and for my birthday, I’d always choose to go shopping for clothes. I’m not going to say my outfits were nice at all but it was a small step to being independent. Until this day, I still do the same. I stress over outfits and absolutely love shopping for them. 

Who is your style inspiration and how did that person influence your current style? How would you describe your own style now? 

My current style inspirations are Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. They are what my Pinterest search is full of. I’ve fallen in love with the “off-duty model” look, where it’s very fashionable and also comfortable. That’s what I aim for in every look I do. 

What was your most memorable fashion moment? How about your least favorite?

My most memorable fashion moment is any outfit created with my stylist Ica Villanueva. We’ve worked together for quite a while now and she really knows me (sometimes more than I know myself) in terms of fashion. I absolutely love every outfit she styles me in. My least favorite fashion moment is probably none. I do genuinely love all my outfits—even if they looked bad—because they led me to how I dress now.

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? What’s your ultimate closet staple?

Super baggy, low-waist jeans and a baby tee. It’s super comfortable—looks like you tried, but also looks like you didn’t. It has nice proportions; and I can dance in it. My ultimate closet staple is baggy jeans in every shade.

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Photographed by JOSH TOLENTINO. Creative Direction and Production by BITHIA REYES. Fashion Direction RYUJI SHIOMITSU. Art Direction JONES PALTENG. Makeup ANGELINE DELA CRUZ. Hair JA FELICIANO. Editorial Assistant JONNIE NGO. Shot on location ROLLER FEVER, MANILA BAY. Special thanks to MARGARITA ORANTE and DENPER PLAZA of ROLLER FEVER, MANILA BAY.

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