A Guide to Eyewear Style and How to Match Them with Your Face Shape

A Guide to Eyewear Style and How to Match Them with Your Face Shape


Looking for a new pair of glasses? Here’s a quick guide to know which design would suit your face and your style personality the most

It’s the accessory that tends to be overlooked but can definitely make or break an outfit. We have seen how celebrities and influencers alike use their chosen eyewear to create looks that are chic and effortless, which have become a guide as to how we can get creative with our own ensembles. But if you’re either struggling to style your glasses or looking into getting a new pair, we’re sure you’ll find these tips helpful in figuring out how to wear them or what style to even get.

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The shape and the specs 

There are a few factors to consider when you’re choosing your eyewear, like the thickness of the frame and its structure, as well as the frame material so that it all complements your face shape. To make things easier, here’s a quick guide to help you. 

Is your face round? Look for glasses that have thick frames and are quite angular since they can make your face look defined. What if your face is already angular? It would be best if you look for frames that are round and thin to soften your features. To those who have an oval-shaped face, you’re quite lucky since most frames would fit you, but big frames would be the most fitting since it can balance out your face length. 

Sunnies Studios Glasses

Since we’ve got that down, here are the different styles you can opt for that match certain aesthetics. 

The Academic 

If you want to look smart and sharp, you might want to consider thin metal frames. They’re sleek and easy to play around with if your wardrobe consists mostly of the academia aesthetic. You can expand your choices by looking at both small and big lenses since they have the same vibe.  

Sunnies Studios Eyewear

The Baddie

You don’t have to worry about losing your edgy exterior because there are some specs that can accentuate this aesthetic. You can wear those that are finished in an angular way with thick frames, while the material can either be plastic or metal—whichever would fit your preference or even your look better.

Glasses Style Guide

The Classic 

For those who love keeping it timeless and elegant, it’s best to look for frames that have the right amount of width. Having thick frames might make it look a bit too trendy, while thin frames will give off another aesthetic, so keep it elegant with the balanced size and opt for a classic shade like black or brown. 

Glasses Style Guide

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