A Guide to Mermaidcore Dressing For the Summer

A Guide to Mermaidcore Dressing For the Summer


Here are five fashion pieces you can add to your wardrobe for the ultimate Mermaidcore aesthetic

The live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid might have been one of the most buzzed about movies ever since they revealed that it’s been in the works. And after a few days of its release, it has already become one of the most talked about films all over the world. People celebrated its inclusivity, as well as the nostalgia it gave to many watchers since they grew up adoring the animated film. 

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To honor the childhood that Ariel and everyone else gave us, we listed down five fashion pieces you can add to your wardrobe for the Mermaidcore vibe perfect for the summer that won’t make you look like a fish out of water.

Textured sheer 

It’s the trendy ruffled design and the scarf that you turn into a skirt when you’re at the beach. This piece was elevated because of the ruffled finish or a dainty bow detail on the side—it’s a must-have for a modern look with a dreamy and romantic feel. 

Photo: JESS WILSON (via Instagram)
Photo: GABBI GARCIA (via Instagram)

Satin maxis 

Whether it’s a dress or a skirt, a satin maxi never fails to exude an elegant and timeless look. It’s easy to style and comfortable to wear, and it also creates a shiny finish that reminds us of how the sea glistens when hit by the sun. 

Photo: RHIAN RAMOS (via Instagram)

Mermaid tail skirts 

Who would’ve thought you can wear this formal silhouette out on a casual day? It’s a look that’s mostly used in gowns or formalwear, but it’s making its slow appearance in casualwear. Most of the time, this skirt can be paired with a matching top, but feel free to mix and match the piece for an organic feel. 

Photo: NICOLE CORDOVES (via Instagram)
Photo: LIZ UY (via Instagram)

Subtle metallics 

Think of satin maxis but with more edge. Keep an eye out for pieces that have a metallic finish, but done in an understated manner. This is to make sure it’s not too punk for the aesthetic. It’s best to look for tops that have a cowl neck finish or skirts that are more relaxed rather than form-fitting. 

Photo: REI GERMAR (via Instagram)

From the ocean accessories 

Who are we to forget one of the most important details in Mermaidcore dressing? It’s time to dig up your beach accessories or stack up on dainty pearls and shells to complete your mermaid look. The recent designs have been looking more natural since they are paired with various shapes and sizes, making it the perfect finishing touch to your look. 

Photo: YASSI PRESSMAN (via Instagram)

Featured Image: JESS WILSON (via Instagram)

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