A Head-To-Toe Guide: Richard Gutierrez Lists His Wardrobe Essentials

A Head-To-Toe Guide: Richard Gutierrez Lists His Wardrobe Essentials


From modern-classic silhouettes and revolutionized, snug cuts to statement wrist candies and bold specs, Louis Vuitton offers a peek at the style essentials for gentlemen who are always on-the-go, like actor Richard Gutierrez

This is an excerpt from MEGA’s May 2023 Special Feature story

It’s no news—we all know that fashion is the proclamation and manifestation of one’s identity, thus having a style helps visually articulate aspects of a person’s story and character. For successful and confident men, like Richard Gutierrez, it is important to have fashion essentials.

Black fuzzy sweater, Brown cargo pants, Evidence metal square sunglasses, Tambour Outdoor Chronograph Watch, Silver jewelry, and Shoes by LOUIS VUITTON

From attending award shows to charity balls, Gutierrez has maintained his bold reputation in the style stakes. His secret is having a versatile fashion style that can keep up with the hustle and bustle of his career—perfected by accessories that speak quiet, functional luxury.


Embodying the Maison’s spirit for adventure, the Tambour Outdoor Chronograph is the ideal watch for gents like Gutierrez who has a penchant for a vigorous lifestyle. It’s the epitome of style and functionality with its sandblasted green dial displays and deep-colored accents.


Layering is one of the most important style hacks a stylish man could do. Whether it’s a denim jacket or just a fun sweater—layering helps to add complexity to any getup. Add a sports watch to complete the look.

Gradient monogram mesh blouson, LVSE panelled cargo pants, Tambour Street Diver watch, and Tambour Street Diver Chronograph by LOUIS VUITTONN


Elevated casual is no doubt a growing men’s fashion trend—this style allows any dashing gent to look polished and put-together while still feeling comfortable and relaxed.


Whether he’s dressing up or down, the perfect timepiece cannot go missing in Gutierrez’s attire. With Louis Vuitton’s Tambour Street Diver Chronograph, Gutierrez sure found himself the perfect wrist companion for any occasion. In this iteration of the Tambour Street Diver design, a chronograph function is harmoniously embedded in its original sleek design. It forges a powerful link between the sculptural shape of the Tambour case, the bold colors, and the performances of a top-level sports watch.

Gradient monogram mesh blouson, LVSE panelled cargo pants, Tambour Street Diver watch, Keepall Bandoulière 50 by LOUIS VUITTON


Fashion is all about experimenting with different textures and prints, from bold checks to luxurious velve—don’t be afraid to mix and match because in doing so, you’ll ultimately find the style that reflects your soul.

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