A Holiday Lookbook Inspired By Your Favorite Fictional Characters

A Holiday Lookbook Inspired By Your Favorite Fictional Characters


If you’re going fashion-forward on New Year’s day, why not try dressing up as your favorite fictional character? They may not be the easiest choice, but it surely makes a bold statement

Who says fictional characters can only be our go-to looks during Halloween? Fashion is boundless because it is such a vast field of expression. You can be whoever you want just by taking inspiration from someone else’s style, even if they are a fictional character!

From Emily in Paris to Crazy Rich Asians, these TV shows and movies definitely know how to celebrate a festive occasion. Whether it’s Veronica Lodge on Christmas, Lara Jean on Thanksgiving, or Emily Cooper on Christmas in Paris, these characters are always ready with a killer holiday style. Which character’s fashion style do you relate to more this holiday season? Scroll down and find out for yourself. 

Veronica Lodge

Photo Credit: @thecwriverdale (via Instagram)
Photo Credit: @thecwriverdale (via Instagram)

The fashion statements on Riverdale are constantly on full display in each episode. And with her sophisticated sense of style, Veronica Lodge’s character is a prim and proper girl in town with a taste for a posh and classy wardrobe. She dresses like a fashionista, establishing the trendiest clothing out of vintage-inspired garments, and draws attention without even trying. On New Year’s Eve, consider wearing some of Veronica’s outfits to get your dose of style and sophistication, owning the character’s sense of elegance for the holidays. 

Lara Jean Covey

Photo Credit: @netflixph (via Instagram)
Photo Credit: @netflixph (via Instagram)

No movie captured our hearts like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Based on reports, the entire film has a specific palette for Lara Jean’s wardrobe, taking inspiration from ‘90s Vogue, the Clinton era, and K-Pop. These colors, ranging from magenta, cayenne, and yellow, define the character’s fashion mood. Rock Lara Jean’s Hollywood glam to school-girl chic ensembles on your family holiday party—keeping things simple but stylish. 

Emily Cooper

Photo Credit: @netflix (via Instagram)

There is something magical about Paris. A city of art and culture, it pulls you in with its beauty and charm. So when the holidays roll around, what better character to embody than one of your favorite ones from the city? Choose an oversized vintage polo or any long-sleeve top with an orange polka dot pattern, black trousers, and match the look with a pair of party-ready heels like Emily’s Christian Louboutin Mary Jane Platform Pumps in maroon. Finish the look with a stylish belt to accentuate your waist, and be that character that wears the fun, whimsical, and head-turning ensembles on a festive night. 

Astrid Leong

Photo Credit: @crazyrichasians (via Instagram)

Now is your chance to live out your Crazy Rich Asian fantasies! Like Astrid Leong’s outfits, dress in lavish and elegant clothing to welcome the new year. Opt for a midi dress in a light shade of pink, drop diamond earrings, and a pair of Valentino heels for a fancy holiday dinner with your loved ones. You can even up the ante with a studded Lady Dior bag just like Astrid’s.

Nancy Wheeler

Unsurprisingly, even Natalia Dyer was inspired by her Stranger Things character, Nancy Wheeler’s fashion expression. This shows that fashion identity is ever-changing and doesn’t have to be limited to trends. There are plenty of pop culture favorites that you could easily draw inspiration from for your next holiday fashion project. And when you enter the halls dressed as Nancy from the Netflix hit, your relatives might gasp at the idea that you are bringing to life the outfits from the Upside Down. To mimic her classy look on the show, opt for a pastel blue coordinated suit and skirt, and choose a white collared top as your inner shirt. There’s something about Nancy clad in a pastel visual in Stranger Things season 4 that exudes casual elegance, achieving a chic modest style perfect for a holiday reunion party. 

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