A Jewelry Collection Inspired By Ancient Myths, Folklore, And Dreams

A Jewelry Collection Inspired By Ancient Myths, Folklore, And Dreams


A collaboration between ARAO and JOANIQUE offers a range of fine jewelries decorated in gorgeous pearls inspired by ancient myths, folklore, and dreams.

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A passion for heritage and treasure is where it all began. Two like-minded brands, ARAO and JOANIQUE, meet in the middle as they recognize their love for the rich heritage in the Philippines and their goal to offer modern pieces— this ultimately sparked an idea. A collaboration to bring forth stories of culture and past through new creations. 

Alchemy, a collection of fashion accessories that merge sensibilities of South East Asia and South America. Inspired by the Quesha people of the Andean highlands in Peru, ARAO and JOANIQUE brings forth jewelries that celebrate natural wonders and treasures the ocean has. 

Featuring the INTI (Sun) Earrings and Necklace

“It is no surprise when I asked Malou to design fine jewelry for ARAO, she was motivated by her recent trip to Peru and the Quesha people, who literally would weave their dreams. Ours is a marriage of two brands who dare to dream and make it a reality”

Mirabel Rosa, Founder of ARAO
Featuring the PILHPINTU (Butterfly) Earrings and Necklace

Just like the Philippines, Peruvian culture recognizes pearls as nature’s most precious gift. Though, the collaboration in itself is beautifully unique as they used the lenses of tradition and dreams as they designed the collection. 

Featuring the KUNTUR (Condor) Earring and Necklace

In Quesha culture, dreams are recorded in handwoven textiles. A special experience Mirabel Rosa and Malou Araneta had the chance to explore as they ventured to a trip to the Peruvian highlands. It was on that very trip when the two expressed their thoughts to reinterpret Quesha woven dreams into pieces of fine jewelry. 

“Quesha symbols or designs are inspired by nature. Some are based on myth, folklore, while others are symbolic of dreams.”

Malou Araneta, Founder and Creative Director of JOANIQUE
Featuring the T’IKA (Flower) Earrings and Necklace

Translated with gleaming white and golden pearls decorated with touches of gold, ARAO and JOANIQUE created a collection full of wonder and dreams. 

Learn more on their Instagrams, ARAO and JOANIQUE.

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