A Look at Kathryn Bernardo’s Latest Luxury Picks

A Look at Kathryn Bernardo’s Latest Luxury Picks


If you aren’t paying attention to detail, you might have missed how Kathryn Bernardo incorporates these designer pieces into her looks

With a subtle and understated approach to fashion, Kathryn Bernardo never fails to turn heads with her look of elegance. But this is not because she is showing off as the celebrity knows how to make a statement by effortlessly injecting high-end designer pieces into her cohesive ensembles. 

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Gucci Leather Lug Horsebit Loafers 

The Gucci loafers represent the hallmark of understated elegance in Kathryn Bernardo’s recent look that defied the gender-defining clothing norms. It seamlessly elevated her outfit, but at the same time, it did so subtly. Its detailed craftsmanship, from the finest leather to the iconic Gucci details, evident in every aspect of the loafers’ design is a clear indication that it is a luxury piece without being loud or overbearing.  

Kathryn Bernardo wearing Gucci Leather Lug Horsebit Loafers

Rolex GMT-Master II Oyster 

It is no secret that any watch from Rolex has been a style statement of fashionable icons for decades. But for Kathryn Bernardo’s relaxed airport fit, the luxurious accessory exudes elegance under the radar. 

Golden Goose Biker Jacket

Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, the Golden Goose Biker Jacket in distressed leather added an instant touch of cool to Kathryn Bernardo’s look. Although this style staple gives an upgrade to any look, it still provides a refined fashion feel because it does not show any visual logo of the luxury brand that’s too in-your-face.

Kathryn Bernardo wearing Golden Goose Biker Jacket

Saint Laurent Sport Duffel Bag

Being one of the luxury pieces spotted along Kathryn Bernardo’s airport fit, its presence brought a tasteful hint—an essential element that’s difficult to find in other luxury pieces. With its clean lines and glossy black hue that is both timeless and modern, the Saint Laurent Sport Duffel Bag is more than just a travel hand carry. As per Kathryn Bernardo’s seal of approval, this bag is also a staple for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. 

Kathryn Bernardo wearing Saint Laurent Sport Duffel Bag

Jacquemus Le Carinu Flap Bag

The Jacquemus Le Carinu Flap Bag is another unmistakable statement piece that added elegance to Kathryn’s outfit in Milan, Italy. She matched this accessory with her cropped polo, black tie, and black maxi skirt. It is an elevated handbag that can make you take a second look as it gives an under-the-radar impact to the minimalist ensemble.  

Kathryn Bernardo wearing Jacquemus Le Carinu Flap Bag

Photos from KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

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