A Lookback on Kathryn Bernardo’s Most Daring Roles

A Lookback on Kathryn Bernardo’s Most Daring Roles


The turn of Kathryn Bernardo’s path today proves a glaring fact in her career—she has always taken risks, and ones that are defined not by others, but herself. Whether you like it or not, her portrayed characters testify to her powerful choices as an artist, as a woman, and as herself. MEGA Entertainment gives you a rundown of these roles, beginning in her childhood and still carrying on till today. 

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Kathryn Bernardo wears a top and silver skirt by NERIC BELTRAN for the MEGA April 2024 Issue

The bida-kontrabida

As a child star in the early 2000s, the MEGA April cover star portrayed different characters in her younger years. Besides the outspoken kikay protagonist Maya from Super Inggo, Bernardo also played the 80s comic character twins, Agua and Bendita. The series showcased Kathryn’s ability to unleash two personas in one even at a young age. Who said Philo from her latest film was her first bida-kontrabida stint? 

The classics reviver

From Pangako Sa’yo to La Luna Sangre, the Kapamilya box office queen took on the challenge of starring in an adaptation and a sequel that had a solid fan base ever since. The latter, Kathryn’s comeback to her darker, horror-thriller heydays, was the final installment to the trilogy to Lobo and Imortal. As Malia Rodriguez, she owned the narrative of a vampire and werewolf hybrid with her dramatic moments and fight scenes. Having a number of fantasy projects in her roster, hopefully Kathryn would want to explore this genre soon as well. 

The rebels with a cause

Doing a deep dive to her past roles, the personas of Kathryn’s roles are dynamic and multidimensional. Most of the time, they even forward the idea of women taking charge of their own decisions and their own story.

Athena from She’s Dating the Gangster made a sacrifice that she willingly chose not just for her own sake. Gab from Can’t Help Falling Love gave up a safe and secure life for her personal authenticity and honesty. Jackie from Crazy, Beautiful, You stepped into the shoes of others to realize that the world didn’t revolve around her. Lastly, A Very Good Girl’s Philo, in her heart, knew that the good triumphed over evil at the end of the day, and it needed a lot of willpower to keep being good no matter what. These women may be fictional, yes, but their actions can inspire real individuals to be braver in word and action.

The lover girl

Impacting her audience with her time in the love team department, Bernardo, in the identities of Joy from Hello, Love, Goodbye, George from The Hows of Us, and even Nurse Ali from 2 Good 2 Be True taught her audience that loving others means loving oneself. Choosing your own peace is not for the expense of others. If anything, it is a lesson that you cannot give what you don’t have. The self-preserving decisions George and Joy had to make to put themselves and their dreams first seconded that. Finally, as Alison Fajardo, Kathryn marveled the audience with her initiative to look after her own patient Lolo Sir, portrayed by Ronaldo Valdez, with utmost compassion, patience, and understanding. 

The daring roles of Kathryn Bernardo are not just about which one made her wear a darker shade of lipstick or if she ever chose her dream job or her lover. This brave side of hers has simply manifested in her agency to choose characters that inspire her fans and her audience with their decisions. That, in itself, is daring and authentic—the Kathryn way. 

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