MEGA Exclusive: Nadine Lustre Confirms Her Collaboration With BYS Cosmetics

MEGA Exclusive: Nadine Lustre Confirms Her Collaboration With BYS Cosmetics


Surely many of us have gotten makeup inspiration from it girl Nadine Lustre at one point. Whether it be bold and glamorous or refreshingly sun-kissed, her trendsetting beauty looks have always been about allowing your true self to shine.

So when the celebrity exclusively confirmed to MEGA that she was in fact collaborating with BYS Cosmetics for her makeup line titled Lustrous, it was only natural that it caused quite the buzz among fans and beauty enthusiasts. Coming out this April, the line features some of Nadine’s must-haves, including a lip and cheek tint, a highlighter and bronzer palette and waterproof mascara.

Nadine shares that she was very hands on in the making of her collection—from its concept to each product’s shade to the collection’s packaging. She wanted to make sure that every product was in its best state.

Similar to how the show business industry works, there are trend-based products in the beauty industry that are only short lived. By naming her makeup line Lustrous, Nadine isn’t simply centering her collection on herself; it it also inspired by the actual meaning of the word: shimmering, shining, glistening—words that can also be used to describe her products and how she wants users to feel after putting them on. So whether you are dolling yourself up for a night out or if you want waterproof items for the beach, the products promise that you will feel like your best self. Clearly, Lustrous is here to stay.

With the star’s passion for beauty, could it be possible that another collection is on its way? We’ll simply have to wait and see.

On Nadine, yellow printed ruffled crop top by Yves Camingue

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