A Realm Of Wonders Created In Bvlgari’s Latest Collection, Bvlgari Eden The Garden of Wonders

A Realm Of Wonders Created In Bvlgari’s Latest Collection, Bvlgari Eden The Garden of Wonders


Bvlgari Eden The Garden of Wonders, a high jewelry and watch collection that brings mother nature’s rarest treasures to a glorious light.

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In life, there are moments that leave us in a state of awe. A spontaneous day that is filled with laughter and joy to simple times where we feel at peace. These little points in time never fail to give us the feeling of wonder.

And Bvlgari displays the wonders and rarity nature has in their latest collection, Bvlgari Eden The Garden of Wonders. A world where we discover boundless creativity and unrivaled mastery. Bvlgari invites us to a world where marvels are interpreted with an aesthetic sense exalted into true works of art that only human mastery can do with their endless imagination. A breathtaking and extraordinary collection that will bring you in a state of awe. 

The unique collection marks a history moment for Bvlgari as they dedicate more than 30 creations to the magnificent emerald. A tribute to the Maison’s long-standing admiration for the gemstone and revealing the most remarkable wonders of nature, the collection becomes an ode to eternal splendor.

Alongside the high jewelry, the collection meets the exceptional mastery of Bvlgari’s Swiss watchmakers. Guided by Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Bvlgari Product Creation Executive, the designs are perfectly interpreted in a range of exquisite pieces at the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking.

It brings you to a universe where mother nature’s majesty expresses itself breathtakingly. The rarest and most beautiful forms collide the most sophisticated human creations.

Flower of Eden Necklace

New heights of color experimentation are reached in the new collection. It reminds us of nature’s awakening after a long winter sleep, a jubilee of flowers blossoming on the necklace— it perfectly epitomizes the collection’s richness. 

A juxtaposition of signature chromatic matches with daring yet utterly elegant pairings. The necklace exudes grace and feminine beauty through its sinuous shapes and vibrant shades, yet is strikingly lightweight to wear. Vibrancy is highlighted through its spontaneity of nature, tourmalines, carnelians, amethysts and emeralds as it beautifully surrounds three impressive mother-of-pearl flowers enriched with diamonds. An intentionally asymmetric creation that captures the beauty in authenticity of mother nature.

The Giardino Dell’Eden Tourbillon Watch

The collection’s most precious high-jewelry watch. Ultimately, the piece became a work of art as it required 4,400 hours to be completed. Evoking the flamboyance of the Mediterranean garden, the piece is filled with flowers inspired by Bvlgari’s heritage pieces, two butterflies await on the tremblers, and the lush foliage that hides the omnipresent mysterious and seductive snake. The watch is enriched with 6,500 stones that spans from cabochon Paraiba, emerald and garnet to pink tourmalines, opals, rubies, multicolor sapphires and diamonds. A dynamic movement infused with mobile elements that offers versatility which shows a part that can be detached and worn as a brooch.

The Tribute to Paris Necklace

A celebration of the artistic bond between two of the most exceptional cities in the world and uniquely merges characteristics with a timeless elegance. Parisian nights sparkle across the piece through exquisite inlays of emeralds and diamonds that evokes a silhouette of the legendary Tour Eiffel; this intricate design exalts the 35,53-carat oval-shaped Colombian emerald, creating a harmonious necklace. With Bvlgari’s artisans balancing movement and weight, the precious gems are designed to be soft and lightweight— guaranteeing a perfect fit.

The Mediterranean Reverie Necklace

The piece that was created to amaze. Becoming one of the most precious creations done by the Roman jewelry house, a rare fruit of Mother Nature’s magnificence is the 107,15-carat cushion-cut Sri Lankan sapphire. With its intense yet transparent blue shade, the gem evokes the hues of Capri’s Blue Grotto sea cave. A sophisticated chain that combines platinum, baguette-cut sapphires, and an array of uniquely cut diamonds— a timeless elegance exudes from the necklace.

The Emerald Venus Necklace

A representation of Bvlgari’s boundless and unstoppable creativity. Crafted with an intentionally irregular design inspired by the Capelvenere—Italian for ‘Venus’s hair’ and a Mediterranean fern famous for its delicate elegance. It becomes a tribute to the Greek goddess of beauty.

Branches of emerald beads grow around the impressive 20-carat Colombian octagonal-cut emerald that astounds with its unique color and sophisticated balance. The timeless piece is then beautifully finished with a white gold dial covered with an unexpected mint green tourmaline for an extra special touch. Though the necklace is lightweight, it reflects Bvlgari’s unique, vivacious interpretation of feminine grace. A refined, elegant flamboyancy that conveys a bold message of extravagance and vibrant vivacity.

Bvlgari is located at Greenbelt 3 and The Shoppes in Solaire. Discover the complete collection on their website.

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