A Second Chance To Come Out In Glitter

A Second Chance To Come Out In Glitter


Rising star ALEX DIAZ opens up to G3 SAN DIEGO as he takes control of his own narrative and star in the biggest break of his career.

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Of course there will come a time when having to “come out” will no longer be necessary because as we’ve seen how fashion is always one season ahead, we know that it’s a very clear indication of how the future is going to look. And now, thanks to the likes of Harry Styles, Thomas Doherty, LILHUDDY, and Cody Fern, we have heralded a new age we only once knew as “unisex” turn into genderless fashion.

PVC Trench Coat and Black Shorts by YCMNG by Yves Camingue; Leather Platform Boots by Ranroe

Coming out stories are always very personal, as personal as our choice of clothing, and should be at the liberty of the person coming out. And like how we keep our clothes in the safety of our closets, sometimes, people’s gender identity, too, stay in the closet.

When Alex Diaz was outed two years ago, he wasn’t ready to reveal his true self to the public. He knew the consequences of coming out in the entertainment industry, and he was very fearful of those.

“I wouldn’t have come out. I would’ve stayed in the closet,” Alex confesses.

Yellow Tulle Dress by Mark Nathan Magsakay; Pants by Hansen; Rings by Uberfinds

“It was getting to a point where I was like, you know, I don’t have a back-up plan yet. If I come out and this all blows up in my face, what do I do next? So, you know, everyone around me, of course my family being very traditional–well, my dad being very traditional—it just wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to… And I didn’t wanna disappoint my father, um, I didn’t want to kinda have to deal with all of that. So, I wouldn’t have come out,” he explains.

But things happened and he was forced to come out as bisexual to the public, even before he had the chance to come out to his loved ones. But, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise, his chance at freedom.

“I always say this, but I just felt like I have been holding my breath for like 25 years and then what happened? Yeah, minus the bad stuff, but it felt like I was finally, like, exhaling. Like, fuck, it’s finally out there! Even if I have no career tomorrow, I can finally start living my life; like rediscovering who am I behind this façade that I’ve built to protect myself.”

Crop Blazer & Pants by YCMNG by Yves Camingue; Red Leather Gloves by YCMNG by Yves Camingue; Earrings by Uberfinds

“And being outed kinda became a healing phase. Every day after that, it’s been like I’m learning all of these self-defense mechanisms, you know? Like, to get graphic, like drowning my woes in parties—that was like an escape mechanism that I used often because I just couldn’t deal with all these unreconciled feelings. But as soon as I came out, it was like, wow, All of a sudden, it was just easy to drop these bad habits because finally, it’s like I don’t need to be anything for anybody but myself. And yeah, it was a good feeling.”

Finally, Alex was no longer holding his breath and the blessings started there. With the outpouring of support he received from the industry and the community, his career was even revitalized. From being a support actor, he finally landed the lead.

His first starring role came in a BL (Boys Love) Series called “Oh, Mando!” and he wouldn’t have gotten it had it not been for his newfound openness about his true identity.

Oh, Mando! was definitely the role that put me on the map, I would say. That was the most notable role. And yeah, definitely a career highlight,” Alex recalls.

“I feel like I have been actively developing a more, like, a confidence that didn’t have to be
verbalized. I wasn’t screaming like, ‘I know myself!’ I was just living my best life and people
were seeing that, and they were like, ‘Yo, he loves himself. Like, he’s taking care of himself
now.’ And I think that’s what changed. I was really inspired; felt love and that I just felt loving.”

Doors began opening for Alex and even though there wasn’t much of a change in him physically,
so much of him was brand new.

“I feel like maybe sometimes, people think when people come out, that it’s like this dramatic change
of character. And it’s like, no. I was still sleeping with the same genders before I came out. I’m
still dressing this way,” he says.

And yes, gender expression is how we present who we are to the world, a reflection of
what’s inside translating into style.

Beret, Sheer Top, & Pants from the Stylist’s Personal Collection

“I mean, we know naman that my fashion has always been the same, the personality’s really
the same,” Alex reflects.

“As an actor, your job is to print or present an image of an idea for the world to see––whether thats on your instagram or in public—a personification of an idea if you will. So fashion for me in the moment’s where Im “on” or in that work-mode, has always been an exaggeration of ideas that I support—like genderless fashion and dismantling toxic gender stereotypes or love having no gender. These are all ideologies that speak through my fashion. It’s artistic expression.” he adds.

But very soon, we are going to see a more glittering Alex Diaz, as he gets the biggest break of
His career and stars in the international movie titled Glitter and Doom.

Patch Work Coat and Pants by Maison Glarino; Accessories by Uberfinds

“So, the movie is called Glitter and Doom, and it is about a musician who wears a charisma’s camouflage and a carefree kid about to run away with the circus, they fall in love at first sight, but they only have a month to be with each other. It’s a fantastical summer romance told through the iconic music of the Indigo Girls. It’s super exciting and the music is actually being created by Michelle Chamuel, a finalist for The Voice Season 4, so the music sounds amazing,” Alex proudly announces for the first time and exclusively to MEGAStyle.

“When I got the casting call—because I’d been doing auditions online—the casting call was
like, ‘You’re and Asian talent who can sing, dance, act, gymnastics, if any.’ I like all those things.
I was like, ‘What?!’ And then it was just the juggling that I had to learn, so people have been
seeing me doing juggling on my IG stories for the last month. Yeah, like, this is mine and I did it
and I killed and I’ve been really happy with it! It just kinda felt like it was meant to be!”

“Even the character is this character and the bio is super… Sorry, I’m talking a lot. I’m, like, mumbling and rambling. I’m just really excited and nervous. But, uh, Glitter is optimistic-at-heart, his hodgepodge hippie vibe and carefree kindness provided uplifting balance to his constant searching for direction in life. And I was like, ‘Yo, that’s me!’ I feel like I always masked my uncertainties with energy! So, I’m just really excited!”

PVC Trench Coat and Black Shorts by YCMNG by Yves Camingue; Leather Platform Boots by Ranroe

Sounds like Alex is really now in control of his narrative. And, ready to put on the character of
Glitter for the world to watch.

“Like, this is Glitter getting dressed up. Like, this is Glitter and my fashion, and I was so down for
it ‘cuz I was like, ‘This is perfect. This is exactly the energy he gives.’ Magfa-fire pins ako! Magju
juggling ako ng fire pins du’n sa set. Like, as in gan’ong levels!”

Seeing Alex like this is like watching a star being born. He just cannot control his excitement!

“The reason I’m so excited is because it’s such a feel-good story. And especially with everything that we’re going through in this country right now, like, all the trouble that everyone’s facing, it’s that story that’s gonna leave you feeling good. And it’s not just gonna leave you feeling good; it’s a hell of a good production value too. So, it’s gonna be, alam mo ‘yun, konting bali sa struggles that we’re facing now. That’s why I’m excited about it,” Alex promises.

It’s amazing to see that just two years ago when Alex thought his career was over after he was outed, he is now at the cusp of international success.

This is his second chance to come out and tell the world to see him glitter.

“To all the bi kids out there, keep exploring because this book is unwritten and it’s still pretty undefined. And, you know, there’s a little stigma behind it but only you can understand where exactly to follow the spectrum. So, keep exploring and keep experimenting responsibly with other people and with yourself. And to all the LGBTQ kids out there, yo, queer is fun! It’s cool! Like, we’re awesome. So much pop culture is backed by queers, queer-created, and we’re here! Like, gosh, diversity is such a fun thing. Let’s celebrate that.”

Photography by JASON DY
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Fashion Direction by JEB FRONDA
Beauty Direction by MIKA REYES
Production Design by REY JOHN LEGASPI of ROCKET SETS
Videography by SHAYNE DE GUZMAN
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