A Simple Guide On How To Choose The Right Clothes To Donate

A Simple Guide On How To Choose The Right Clothes To Donate


Give back to the community by donating your old clothes to those affected by the heavy rains. Here’s a simple 5 step guide on how to do it.

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It’s time to be there for one another. Every year we go through different problems as a community. Whether it be global pandemics, typhoons, and natural disasters, we’ve always found a way to rise above the situation. We are able to this because we think of the bigger picture. It is not only us who are affected by these trials, but also our countrymen. That could be our neighbor, officemate, teacher, moderator–each and everyone of these people have their own stories and their own battles to confront. It’s important to realize that you can help in your own way, no matter how big or small.

One way you can help out in the fastest and most efficient way possible is by donating items that are already in your possession. This could be canned food, water, towels, basic medicine, and even your own clothes. If you’ve been wanting to donate clothes for some time now, but currently don’t know where to start then check out our simple guide on how to choose the right clothes to give away.

1. Don’t include clothing that have tears, rips, and stains

Most of the time when you include clothing donations that have tears, rips, or stains they end up being disposed when they get to the donation hub. Make sure that the clothes you donate are still usable.

2. Start at the back of your closet

The best place to look for clothes to donate are at the back of the closet or at the bottom of the drawer. If you pick out clothes from the top half, then you might accidentally give away something you use a lot.

3. Try your clothes on to see if they still fit

It’s important to do a fit check on clothes you’re thinking of giving away. Sometimes the fit of clothes may be the deciding factor on whether or not you should keep or donate.

4. Choose clean newly washed clothes to give away

Don’t give away anything that you recently wore and did not properly clean. During natural calamities, the act of donating and relief operations happen quickly. So, there is no time to get your donated clothes cleaned before going to the affected families.

5. Store your donations safely in boxes

The best place to package your clothing donations for delivery are in boxes. This can be either carton or plastic boxes. The fixed shape of the box will protect the clothing from tears and stains. Placing them in trash bags can cause the bag to rip during delivery.

Where to donate your clothes?

There are a ton of places you can donate your clothes. You can even donate to your local government unit by asking if they have any relief operations for the community. You can also donate to any of your friends and family in need simply by asking on social media. If you’re still looking for a place to donate your garments, then check out these five donation hubs.

Segunda Mana

Segunda Mana is the special donations-in-kind program of Caritas Manila. It promotes the joy of giving to help those who are most in need, by simply giving-up items you no longer in need, has too much of, or about to throw away.
Contact Segunda Mana here

H&M stores

You can now drop off your old clothes at any H&M store as a form of donation for their sustainability program. For doing your part for the community, you can even get a 15% off discount on a single item you plan to purchase.
Contact H&M Philippines here

Goodwill Industries

You’ve probably heard about Goodwill on the vlogs of your favorite American YouTubers. Goodwill is known to be a thrift shop, but did you know that all the items in Goodwill are donated? They use the earned money to give back to the community.
Contact Goodwill Industries here

Philippine Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross not only helps out through blood drives, but they also have continuous relief programs all over the Philippines. If you donate your items to them, they will segregate it and bring it to the next family in need.
Contact Philippine Red Cross here

Humble Sustainability

Much like Goodwill, Humble Sustainability also collects donated items and sells it as thrifted goods in their warehouse and on Shopee. The proceeds to the organization go back to the community in more ways than one.
Contact Humble Sustainability here

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