A Sneak Peek of Francis Libiran’s 25th Anniversary Collection

A Sneak Peek of Francis Libiran’s 25th Anniversary Collection


Expectations and anticipation ignites as Francis Libiran reveals his 25th-anniversary collection titled “Sterling”

Amidst the couture cosmos of Filipino fashion, one luminary boldly claims his spotlight—Francis Libiran.  With 25 years of unparalleled brilliance, the designer steps into the limelight for a celebration of his iconic years. On November 24, 2023, the Grand Ballroom at the City of Dreams Manila transforms into a lustrous stage for the 25th-anniversary festivities, aptly titled “Sterling”. 

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Longevity leads to sterling

Libiran has emerged as a force, defying the odds of a swiftly changing industry. For a quarter of a century, his name has been synonymous with Filipino fashion, leaving a mark on runways and red carpets alike. From dressing Anne Curtis at the inaugural Star Magic Ball in 2008 to crafting masterpieces for Hollywood personalities, including Tyra Banks, Darren Criss, and Billy Porter, Libiran’s journey is one with international acclaim.

Beyond the glitz, Libiran has proudly draped the Philippines in glory, designing the parade uniforms for Team Philippines in three seasons of the Southeast Asian Games. His creations, stitched with the unmatched craftsmanship and creativity of the Philippines, speak volumes about the rich cultural heritage he embodies.

From the ashes

To commemorate this milestone, the collection draws inspiration from the mythical phoenix. Much like the legendary creature, the collection symbolizes resilience and the constant rise above expectations. Streams of silver and gold, architectural details, and signature sparkle intertwine to create a visual that represents the brand’s flight into the future.

In the collection, each piece is anchored in the heart, resonating with the designer’s commitment to children’s welfare, education, and development. Proceeds from the newly introduced Francis Libiran Perfumes, featuring Gardenia Mango, Spice Oud, and Neroli Clavel notes by Renato Lopena Jr., will contribute to Libiran’s philanthropic efforts in collaboration with CBN Asia and Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines.

A silver ascent

Mirroring the brilliance of the precious metal, the event is a commitment to timeless sophistication. Libiran’s venture, defined by unrelenting persistence and passion, fuses purpose and strength, leading a night resonating with the resplendence at the core of Filipino fashion. As the evening unfolds, glamour and purpose become the vessel of a phoenix rising, a testament to his indomitable legacy. 

It’s a celebration to be illuminated, inspired, and immersed, in a night that encapsulates 25 years of Filipino sartorial excellence. The stage is set, the phoenix is ready to soar, and “Sterling” awaits—an evening beyond expectations.


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