A Story Of Resilience and Embracing Change: One MEGA Group Celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary

A Story Of Resilience and Embracing Change: One MEGA Group Celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary


This milestone event introduces a new chapter in our story

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Thirty years is a huge feat for a business that lives in the fast-paced world of media. Many have come and gone, succumbing to the ever-changing landscape and the meticulous standards of its readers, but One MEGA Group has continued to thrive, flourish even, in the industry. With a steady vision and an undaunted perspective on change, One MEGA Group has remained on top. e

One cannot reflect on OMG’s stellar success without remembering the woman who started it all. Sari V. Yap, our founder, who transformed her master’s degree thesis into a magazine that caters to the Filipino woman. She named the company MEGA Publishing Group Inc. (MMPI). It was such a great success that the corporation was even able to acquire international titles and expanded its expertise to the full lifestyle of the effortlessly chic Filipina.


In 2014, a bigger expansion took place as MEGA evolved into a multimedia brand that warranted another name change: One MEGA Group. A perfect personification of its transformation, OMG dove into the world of video production, TV, events and tackled the world of digital fearlessly.

Back Again

The world loves success stories but inside those chapters one will always find conflicts—challenges that seemed too daunting to get over. One was the Asian Financial Crisis of 2017 where Yap had to talk to creditors and suppliers to extend payment terms, all while churning out top-notch stories and images, hoping weather themselves out of the crisis. The MEGA brand, they soon found out, is not just strong, but it is resilient; their hopes soon turned to success and they came bounding back, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Up And Up

Most recently, OMG found another formidable challenge in the form of COVID-19. With majority going back to the essentials, how did an aspirational brand pivot to cater to the now evolved needs of its consumers? Our CEO and Chairman Archie Carrasco answers this with pride: “In my mind, there is no way to go but move forward and up. The company shifted from survival mode to strategic measures in the form of takeovers, leadership changes, restored financial targets, and business innovation.” Great leadership, as we find out in this story, boils down to a tenacious attitude and openness to change.

Only The Essential

Lasting power didn’t just come from the brand but also in its members who believed in the same vision. One of these is our current Vice President of Content, Peewee Reyes-Isidro, who started out as a fashion assistant in MEGA back in 2003. “As the only remaining authority brand on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, MEGA continues to dominate in both print and digital platforms—as well as social media. MEGA has remained relevant and omnipresent because of an ideal it upholds—and that is by staying true to its DNA while adapting to change,” she shares with evident joy.


So after thirty fruitful years, what comes next? As most people who have turned thirty could tell you, there is much more clarity and ease in facing the future. These values, according to OMG President Suki Salvador is best seen in One MEGA Group’s new dandelion logo. “The changes will continue, and today I want to show you our new symbol. The One Mega Group logo is a tree, with branches and leaves that represented our print brands. That’s not us anymore. That is our past. Together with Group Creative Director Jann Pascua, Group Art Director Marc Pagdilao and CEO-Chairman, sir Archie Carrasco, our symbol is now a dandelion. It is a beautiful flower that is light, a flower that rises with very little effort. That’s who we will be. Our dandelion is also a seed that when planted, it grows and grows and grows. This represents our company, a true trendsetter in everything that we do, an influencer to any audience that we speak to,” he shares.

With One MEGA Group there are always more stories to tell, images and reels to inspire and most importantly more conversations to be had for those who are ready to listen. In this company we call home, all of us are main characters, and we’re all just getting started.

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