A Super Bright Afternoon with Rexona and (G)I-DLE

A Super Bright Afternoon with Rexona and (G)I-DLE


Rexona and (G)I-DLE introduce a full range of brightening deos that deliver Super Bright Glow and unstoppable freshness!

Upon stepping into the room, a burst of purples and pinks washed over me, immediately transporting me to another world. Rexona transformed the Groove Central Dance Studio in Quezon City into a playground for unstoppable movement and bussin’ confidence. With the air thick with excitement for (G)I-DLE’s virtual press conference to start, everyone was just eager to learn more about what the #GlowForItStage dance challenge has in store for them.

Guests clad in shades of purple and pink were celebrating the confidence to #GlowForIt!

Step up to the TikTok dance challenge and seize your opportunity to win amazing prizes. Two grand prize winners will get an all-expenses-paid trip to Korea and exclusive signed Rexona x (G)I-DLE merch. Here’s the scoop on what you’ll need to keep in mind for the TikTok dance challenge. First, participants must be at least 18 years old and living in the Philippines. Then, use the #GlowForItStage TikTok branded effect filter and really dance your heart out to (G)I-DLE’s “Queencard Rexona Edition.” Remember that you must achieve a score of 80 to qualify for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Korea. In addition, there will be 3 weekly winners of exclusive Rexona x (G)I-DLE signed towel, regardless of the score. Please make sure to upload your video under the Branded Effect page. Lastly, you’ve only got until April 28, 2024 to get your videos up.  

Guests had the opportunity to personalize their free Glow Getter Tumbler using stickers.

Rexona’s Best-ever Brightening Range

The new range of Rexona Vitamin+Bright provides Super Bright Glow for your underarms, with Super Vit C in its formulation.

The full range of Rexona Vitamin+Bright deos with different benefits and scents.

“Vitamin C is a known antioxidant that decreases the amount of production of dark pigments in your skin,” said Carla Favis from the Research and Development team. “So, all of these skincare ingredients that you can see in our products actually deliver brightening results, which we have consumer tested.” Carla also added that their dermatologist conducted a clinical brightening test, which proved that it brightened the underarms.

Happy fans of (G)I-DLE strike a pose for a photo.

What we learned from (G)I-DLE during the Rexona Virtual Meetup

As soon as (G)I-DLE hit the screen, the room went all in to give the girls a warm Philippine welcome, with everyone waving and shouting. “Salamat, Philippines! We love the energy,” the K-pop hitmakers reciprocated the crowd’s enthusiasm.

The room erupted joyfully upon seeing (G)I-DLE on the screen.

On pushing through: Performing and making music is their passion and what keeps (G)I-DLE motivated to keep going again and again. They shared how taking breaks to unwind and reset their minds is essential. “We make sure to have a healthy relationship with ourselves and our bodies so we can stay motivated and actually sustain ourselves to keep going,” they added.

Personal connection with #GlowForIt: Every member has taken the message of empowerment and self-confidence to heart. Having found strengths in (G)I-DLE member journeys, they aim to inspire everyone else to tap into their power of confidence. 

(G)I-DLE answers questions from Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Rexona dance challenge spanning Southeast Asia celebrates confidence and a motivational call to keep pressing forward. It extends beyond the concept of a challenge because there’s a shining reminder that with determination comes the drive to achieve goals.

(G)I-DLE’s music sends out an energy of empowerment and confidence, as observable in the mood and on the faces of the creators assembled in the area. Breaking records left and right, the K-pop girl group is carving an unstoppable path toward success. They make music that “illuminates self-confidence and inner strength,” befitting the #GlowForIt mantra. 

The host maintained a lively atmosphere.

Join Rexona’s #GlowForItStage dance challenge here: TikTok! Promo ends April 28, 2024! For full terms and conditions, please have a look here.


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