A Taste of Luxe: How Anna Magkawas Persevered and Built A Beauty Empire

A Taste of Luxe: How Anna Magkawas Persevered and Built A Beauty Empire


From bags to beauty products, meet the woman behind the brand that’s on track to be a leading figure in the skin and wellness market

Getting into the beauty business can be tough. There are a multitude of brands promising their own definitions of beauty, and for a good reason—the skin and wellness market has long been booming. What makes it competitive is not just about developing a product that does what you need it to do, you also have to ensure that your brand resonates with the consumers who will buy it.

Even with a satiated industry, there’s still room for more. Fresh from celebrating the highs of her freshman year in the cosmetics industry, Anna Magkawas, CEO of Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group, is on the path of cementing her brand in the flourishing world of beauty.

All in the name of beauty and wellness, Anna Magkawas is MEGAWoman’s January 2023 cover. Asymmetrical top and wide leg pants with gold sequined detail by BEA GUERRERO

A penchant for business

Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group CEO Anna Magkawas is still celebrating the highs of her freshman year in the beauty industry. White blazer with belt by LA GLAMOUR and wide leg pants by JAN FERNANDEZ

For Anna, everything started with a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. Through a phone inquiry from a friend who wanted to get her hands on the famed luxury house’s must-have accoutrement, entrepreneur Anna Magkawas’ enterprising spirit was ignited further.

As someone who has an appetite for business, venturing into the world of selling luxury bags was a welcome addition to her repertoire of services. From a makeshift showroom in her garage in her humble home in Parañaque, her consignment store, Lux Online, has expanded almost a decade later with newer locations in a number of famous malls in Manila.

Since 2015, the zealous CEO has amassed a clientele of designer fashion aficionados, including celebrities Alexa Ilacad, Sofia Andres, Rhian Ramos, and Elisse Joson. Her constant promotion of her extravagant haul has also gained her a following on social media.

It wasn’t until the uncertainty of the pandemic that Anna delved into the beauty and wellness industry. “The TikTok community was booming and everything I watched then was all about skincare. People have become hyper-aware about how to take care of themselves, especially their skin and body.”

Getting in the game

Through perseverance, the big-hearted CEO has created a variety of beauty and wellness products made for Filipinos. Dress by KARIMADON

While her initial thoughts of starting a business during the pandemic were met with hesitancy, her husband and COO of Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group, Mel Magkawas, encouraged her to try her hand at something new and exciting. 

“I was hesitant [at first] because skincare isn’t exactly my niche. My husband was a good cheerleader and he encouraged me to try it out and not limit myself,” Anna shares on expanding her enterprise. “My social media followers also motivated me to try something I’ve never done before,” she adds.

The production journey of what would be Luxe Skin and Luxe Slim was an arduous task that Anna was up for taking. She knew exactly what she wanted from the formula down to its packaging. “Luxe Skin started in 2021 and Luxe Slim followed after. The process to get the right formulation for the skin and beverages took some time. I wanted them to be effective and healthy. Before we launched these products, I tested everything myself to show everyone the results they can expect from them,” shares the CEO.

Luxe Skin is a premium cosmetics and skincare brand using natural fruit and botanical extracts to bring out your glow, while Luxe Slim offers weight loss opportunities and appetite stimulants through a selection of natural, non-acidic, and keto-friendly drinks.

A remarkable milestone

Enjoying the fruits of her hard work and dedication to the Luxe brand, Anna Magkawas is on a mission to make skincare accessible

Evident in Anna’s loyal following across her social media platforms, her skincare and wellness products became a hit with glowing reviews from women of every background. “When I developed Luxe Skin, I always thought about making skincare accessible to Filipinos. I want them to feel special and feel like they are rewarding themselves with the entire range,” shares Anna. 

“It’s really self-confidence that makes someone beautiful.”

Anna Magkawas on her views on beauty

In her rookie year in the beauty industry, the passionate figure of the Luxe line saw the fruition of her hard work and dedication to creating products that could uplift someone’s confidence. Anna and her team’s efforts were swiftly bestowed with recognition from local award-giving bodies such as the Gawad Filipino Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year, something that the 36-year-old CEO humbly acknowledges. “I was honored to receive that eight months after the launch of Luxe Skin. I know I still have a long way to go. I also know there’s more I should learn about the beauty industry and I’m excited to get to the more nitty gritty part of it.”

As Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group continues to soar and make their mark in the industry, Anna remains positive about the direction of the company and how they can revolutionize the skincare and wellness industry further with newer product developments. In her signature smile and happy demeanor that has endeared many Filipinos to her, “Through Luxe, I just want to be a good influence to Filipinos and inspire them to take care of their skin and bodies, and that it’s never too late to work on yourself.” 

More than her entrepreneurial skills, Anna Magkawas knows the path to take in making beauty and wellness accessible to everyone. You can read more about this feature in MEGA’s January 2023 issue available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader, and Zinio.

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