A Timeline of Liza Soberano’s Fangirling Moments With BLACKPINK

A Timeline of Liza Soberano’s Fangirling Moments With BLACKPINK


It is no longer a secret that Liza Soberano is a certified fangirl just like all of us. Over the years, the actress has expressed her love for several K-Pop groups and even went to great lengths to see them live. However, there is one girl group that truly has a big place in her heart, and that is BLACKPINK. 

Just today, she broke the Internet with her big “finally” fangirl moment when she posted a picture with none other than BLACKPINK’s main rapper, Jennie. Truly a well-deserved experience!

With that, here’s a look back on the many times that Liza expressed her love and support for Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo

A bias reveal 

In 2018, the actress shared on Instagram that her biases were Liza and Jisoo. She also added a note that she loved Rosé and Jennie, as well. We applaud an OT4 stan! 

Two-peat for BLACKPINK

2019 was a special year for this beautiful Blink when she attended not just one, but two shows of the girl group. Liza was spotted at the Manila stop of BLACKPINK’s tour back in February. Two months later, she also saw them live at Coachella. Talk about fangirling dedication! 

Blinking through the pandemic

With everyone stuck in their homes during the first year of the pandemic, Liza unleashed her creative juices by incorporating BLACKPINK in her very own content. She did a Jisoo-inspired shoot, complete with a Dior scarf. She also made a reaction video of “Ice Cream”, as well as recreated Jennie’s “How You Like That” makeup. 

Ultimate fangirl experience

While everyone thought that her photo with Jennie was the only thing special that night, it turns out that Liza also has a snap with another member—Lisa! The Liza x Lisa moment is truly one for the books.

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