Conjure France With A Single Mist As Maison Christian Dior Finally Arrives In Manila

Conjure France With A Single Mist As Maison Christian Dior Finally Arrives In Manila


Ever wanted to bottle the memory of a trip and wherever or whenever you please, open it and relive the experience once again? Well, that’s what fragrances are made for, especially at Maison Christian Dior.

Fragrances are like memories trapped in a bottle, reminding us of a person, a place, or a feeling. As the holiday approaches and Christmas lights start twinkling against a cold night, it may have us feeling a bit nostalgic. For some, the holidays are spent traveling together with the family but with the current global pandemic, Christmas will now be spent at home.

The picture of snowflakes falling on the ground, wearing a chunky sweater while taking in a view of an unfamiliar but beautiful land on a hotel balcony is far from our reach this year.

But we can, however, get pretty close to the feeling of a Parisian winter with a fragrance routine brought by a great sensorial experience at the latest boutique of Maison Christian Dior at SM Aura Premier.

Meticulously created, their new shop captures the language of love that Dior has with fragrance. Its elegant Parisian ambiance transport you to the flower fields where their perfumes are harvested from while the images of the Château de la Colle Noire provides as the backdrop for their wide collection of fragrances, candles, soaps, and body creams that consists of the classics and luminous newcomers.

The Dior universe of scents is beautifully and finely orchestrated by François Demachy, the brand’s perfumer-creator, and aims to share the contemporary French Art de Vivre and the passionate love of perfume that is etched into the house’s legacy.

The art of gifting by Dior is also quite a versatile experience and as much I can describe their products that can make for a present this holiday, this article isn’t scratch and sniff. So, here’s a quick rundown on the perfumes you can experience in the store:


A fragrance that makes for a great pick-me-up or a good luck charm with its fresh white flowers and Lily-of-the-Valley notes that will leave you with a light-floral scent. An ideal gift for those who need to be instilled with quiet confidence.


For those who want to start a new beginning as the year comes to a close. The La Colle Noire is named after Christian Dior’s beloved home in the Grasse region Colle Noire that has the sensual intensity of a May Rose. The perfume’s composition is formulated around the expression of the honeyed rose flower. It has notes of woody, amber, and musk to allude to the powerful beginning of a fresh start.


A scent that will surely appeal to the modern and elegant Dior woman. Gris Dior is the signature fragrance that is made to encapsulate the history of Dior Couture. Its shade of the iconic Dior gray is a composition that melds Jasmine and Bergamot. With citrus top notes, the floral accord is set against amber moss to make a lively fragrance that makes a recognizable statement and leaves a compelling trail even as you walk out the door.


The cherry turbulent red color of Rouge Trafalgar is the vibrant stand-out in the Maison Christian Dior fragrances collection. François Demachy finds the rich balance between a bold and striking fruity scent in this fragrance. Made from Blackcurrant a precious, high-quality berry perfume absolute is distilled into each bottle. Its intriguing, striking character adds a twist to this fruity red delicacy. The floral greenness of a Violet-leaf absolute is also the center of the fruity ensemble. Pigmented with Wood and unifying Patchouli, it leaves long-lasting musks for a scent that expresses itself candidly. It’s a fragrance that can perfectly match those with an unapologetic personality and a seductive aura.


François Demachy creates this exotic potion as an ode to travel by taking into consideration the tropical seas and palm trees in the notes of Spice Blend. The warm and spicy signature scent is derived from a Rum Absolute with the irresistible sweetness of a rum baba, heightened with the spice of black pepper from Madagascar, the woody quality of the legendary St. Thomas bay leaf, and the incisive beauty of ginger essence. Spice blend is an infusion of the best bits of masculine and feminine elements that can appeal to just about anyone.

At Maison Christian Dior, their sublime fragrances are housed in a customized box decorated with a colored cord and sealed with the house’s initial in a wax seal upon purchase.

Each is fragrance is a unique emotional journey through a sensorial experience in Maison Christian Dior. Their fragrances when gifted to others can serve as a little reminder that although you might not be able to be there for each other physically right now, but you can still relive your days together. After all, scent-triggered memories linger with us the longest.

Maison Christian Dior is available at the Dior Beauty Boutique in SM Aura Premier.

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