Access Self-Care Tools Using These Health and Fitness Apps

Access Self-Care Tools Using These Health and Fitness Apps


If you’re in need of self-care tools, check out these seven highly-rated health and fitness apps that tackle wellness holistically, from physical and emotional to social and sexual

As the saying goes, the first step to solving any problem is accepting there is one. Once you know it’s there, then you can take the necessary steps to manage the outcome. Not all problems are easily solvable by ourselves, of course, so many opt for therapy, but that option isn’t accessible for everyone. This is why health and fitness applications are popular as these help to bring cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to more people.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to your personal problems, so we’re listing seven highly-rated apps that offer a variety of features to help you find what works best for you. Whether you’re experiencing brain fog, sexual shame, body image issues, or simply in need of personal minders to keep you accountable for your wellness goals, this list is for you.


Unprude app
Photo: UNPRUDE (via Instagram)

We first bring your attention to Unprude—Asia’s first ever sex therapy app dedicated to sexual wellness and education. Spearheaded by Filipino women, Unprude is grounded in the cultural context that sees sex and masturbation as taboo and shameful. To address that, the app contains a library of self-paced modules, daily tasks, insightful activities, and short video content with expert insights, honest conversations, and comprehensive sex ed. You’ll also find fun games to help you get the ball rolling, from self-exploration to experimenting with your partner.

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Balance app
Photo: BALANCE (via Instagram)

Next up is Balance, which is a meditation and sleep program that offers prime features such as immersive meditations and research-backed activities. The particular goals that this app can help you accomplish are reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, and improving mood, and you can personalize your experience based on which goal is more important to you. Overall, you can see this as your mental health companion that helps prepare you for sleep or work or guides you through your long walk or commute.

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Another great health and fitness app we suggest you check out is Reframe, which is dedicated to helping its users cut back on or quit alcohol entirely. Taking a neuroscience approach, Reframe contains a core 160-day education program, progress tracking, and tools, earning its spot as the top alcohol reduction app. You can also connect with a private community and coaches to gain support on your journey.

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Stoic. app
Photo: STOIC.

Next up is stoic., a sleep, mood, and habit tracker that is based on the teachings from Stoicism. It is a simple yet effective app you can use for daily guided reflections, meditation, quotes and affirmations, and other science-backed activities. And since this app keeps track of your journey, stoic. ultimately provides you with the tools you need to better understand your emotions and what influences them so that you can learn how to be happier and more productive in life.

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Another highly-rated app you can try out is Intellect. This is an all-in-one mental health app where you can access clinically validated bite-sized content to help build a mentally healthier version of yourself. Specifically, this app aims to help you manage your emotions, poor sleep, and anxiety by providing self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy programs, guided journal sessions, and even personal coaching and counseling.

Yoni Circle

Yoni Circle app
Photo: YONI CIRCLE (via Instagram)

Meanwhile, if what you need most at this moment in your life is to feel connected to a wider community, then Yoni Circle could be for you. Yoni Circle is a global women’s wellness community that lets you share and listen to stories told live at different time slots every day. With this app, you can broaden your perspective on life, strengthen your personal voice, and ultimately feel less alone.

Recovery Record

On the other hand, Recovery Record, or RR: Eating Disorder Management on the App Store, is a smart companion to your journey to recovery from struggles with eating, weight, and shape concerns. With this app, you can log your meals and feelings, access coping tactics, customize recovery goals, receive feedback and messages from a treatment team and other users, and so much more.

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