This Activewear Line Takes You From The Gym To Your Work With Ease

This Activewear Line Takes You From The Gym To Your Work With Ease


With no signs of the athleisure trend ceasing, activewear line Charma found a way on how you can achieve it effortlessly.

The athleisure trend has surely caught the attention of the public ever since it became a lifestyle mainstay and concern. It struck the world of fashion and sports like a tidal wave, especially in 2019 when it shaped up to be a 5 billion dollar industry. And that’s all thanks to the ingenious ideas of fashion brands to create clothes that impeccably marry fashion and function.

As of 2020, majority of the Filipinos are becoming more and more aware of their own bodies. Not only do they just want to be fit and healthy; they also want to look good for themselves. Aside from the influx of gym-goers, there are also a lot of new fitness studios opening in the metro offering various ways of getting that summer-ready body—from boxing, martial arts, pilates, rowing, to cycling.

But what some people are forgetting is the right workout clothes to sport. Some are only wearing basic t-shirts and sweat shorts when it’s critical for one to also wear the perfect outfit to reach your fullest potential when training. So, thank the design heavens once again, because another local activewear line was born: Chàrmà.

Activewear line Charma

When Charmaine Palermo, one of the top stylists in the Philippines, started this new brand, she wanted to offer a collection of essential pieces that encourage women to maintain an active lifestyle. She only saw it fitting to draw inspiration from movements and the kinetic energy when working out.

Each piece is designed with fitness at its core to bridge the gap between function and style. “Through Chàrmà, I wanted to develop pieces I could wear from workout to work, and give women the option to effortlessly restyle themselves,” Charmaine explains.

“[While] I love traditional sportswear, I do feel that in many cases, it’s just the silhouette and the designs for working out,” the stylist says. “There is very little focus on function and designs that meet the demands of busy women on-the-go.”

With that in mind, Charmaine focused on the function when she was designing her clothes. For example, she made it a point that the leggings have pockets. They’re not bulky and can easily fit your phone without compromising performance or aesthetics. “I really designed the features I wanted in workout clothes that could complement my active lifestyle,” she adds.

This focus on performance is also evident in the materials used to create each piece. With a combination of high-performance fabrics, sweat-wicking microfiber, anti-microbial, and breathable Lycra, among other materials, the brand ensures that women are fully-equipped to run the world without getting held down.

So, if you’re looking forward to workout after your meeting, you can now easily transform your look from office-ready to gym-ready. While wearing your monochromatic black tight outfit, just add on an oversized suit and crossbody bag, and you’re good to go. Once removed, your look immediately speaks that you’re ready for another day of working out.

Easily go through your whole day from the gym to your work without any hassle. Grab these must-have training clothes and visit Chàrmà online now. Don’t forget to follow Chàrmà on Instagram at @charma___ for more updates.

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